Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Holiday Party!

Hi All! :)

Michael's theme for the Scribble Picnic today is "Holiday Party". This is what I drew for the picnic this week!

Any Marx Brothers fans out there? 


Sandi said...

I recognize almost everyone, including Marx...but not the marshmallow guy holding an hourglass and the big blueberry lady with an acorn on her head. :-)

Is Canada Day a thing? It should be!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice to see Queen Vicky boozing it up and being amused!

Mary said...

Fabulous Rain - what a party that would be, 'holiday' or just on a Saturday night!

Happy new year if I've not said it yet! Problems commenting have putting me behind and all of a dither!
Hoping Blogger gets all these Google+ problems solved soon!

Hugs - Mary

Susan Kane said...

It must have been a happy party with chalices in hand.

Christine said...

Nice to see everyone having a good time, drinks in hand!

wisps of words said...

All Holidays I guess!!!!!!!


Serena Lewis said...

You covered the lot! I can identify most except for the same two that Sandi queried.

All the best for 2019! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Hi Rain! Looks like everyone is having fun. Who is the blue lady?

Rain said...

Thanks for playing! :)

(Not in order)

Father Time for New Year's
Groundhog for Groundhog's Day
Cupid for Valentine's Day
Leprechaun for St-Patty's
Bunny for Easter
Queen Victoria for Victoria's Day (she's having a martini btw)
Canada Flag for Canada Day
Turkey for Thanksgiving (he's such a turkey)
Pumpkin Guy for Halloween
Santa for you know what

wyomingheart said...

Lol... You nailed it Rain!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Well done Rain! Although I will note in passing that Saint Andrew's day is not there...

Lorraine said...

I love it! It's like all the calendar characters are having a party of their own to celebrate the new year. Wonderful! And a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Rain said...

OMGosh TB you are right...sigh...hanging my head in shame!

Mama Pea said...

For sure, you have a lot of talent drawing and painting but where you come up with your ideas in the first place . . . ! As a person who doesn't have much of an imagination, I'm very envious. Yes, I am!

Cathy Kennedy said...


WOW, super impressive! You've represented all the holidays for the new year. Why didn't I think of that? Great job. I'm glad you filled in the blanks on some of these that I didn't recognize. Cleverly done, my friend. Here's to another year filled with party celebrations! :)

Michael said...

Oh, what? no telling us your new year celebs? I suppose I will have to go back and read those on some other posts! :)

I LOVE LOVE what you did here with all these holidays! I got them all but struggled with the old man...thinking maybe it was for some inventor until realising they were hourglasses and so Father Time for the New Year. Smart. My fave? Queen Victoria! :) Well done indeed and Happy New Year, you clever gal, you.

Thank you so much for playing along.BTW, the new Picnic theme is referring to one's own town, place, etc.

NanaDiana said...

What fun- it looks like you got the holidays covered!!! Have a beautiful week! xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

This is amazing! I love all these characters! Brilliant Rain! Big Hugs!

RO said...

What a fun and creative way to put all those characters in one place, and it's definitely a party I want to visit! Hugs...RO

baili said...


i LOVED this holiday party!
what a perfect painting for the season dear Rain!

you are wonderlady indeed :)

lots of love and hugs my friend!
please take great care and stay warm!

Sam I Am...... said...

You are so good! I could not draw like that if my life depended on it! You go girl!