Friday, November 9, 2018

Painting and Pesto

Hello Friends! :)

Since Halloween, I've been really taking it easy - as in: planning my entire life around either being in bed sleeping, being in bed watching movies with Alex or eating! It's been a wonderfully slothy time lol! But now I must avoid atrophy, so I'm up and doing stuff again. :)

I haven't done any painting since October, so I thought I'd do a November inspired watercolour. :)

I'm back in the kitchen slowly but surely! I made some Ricotta the other day.

The latest obsession...Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Pesto. Boy is this good stuff. I'm not a fan of pine nuts so I was trying to find a way to make a good pesto without them and I think I found it! I can only take a wee taste because I don't digest fruit and veggie skins/peels very well and it's impossible to peel a sun dried tomato! But Alex LOVES this with a little bit of sharp Cheddar on toast or Melba toast! 

I've also wrapped the Camemberts!! They'll be ready for Christmas!

Check this out: I use St-Ives body lotion. You know the type of lotion that you hand pump? When you get to the end of the container (or so it seems!!), the hand pump stops working and no more lotion comes out. I guess the companies assume people will just toss the container at that point and buy a new one. Look how much I managed to scrape out of 3 of those "empty" lotion containers!!! TWO CUPS.  Yeesh!!

Now that I have rested, recuperated and healed from the last year, I'm back into my fun menu planning. I send Alex a menu each Friday for the coming week. It's fun! And my friends will remember that each 14th of the month, we have a fondue night to celebrate our monthly "anniversary"! :) I think I have all of these recipes up on my Rain's Recipes Page, but if not, I'll be adding to it as I make them!

Another snow storm just started! We're supposed to get between 20 and 40 inches of snow throughout the weekend. It's so pretty this time of year!

New feature! I'll be adding links to my other blogs/latest blog posts at the end of my blog posts now. No pressure! But if you're interested, mosey on over! :)

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  1. "I've been really taking it easy - as in: planning my entire life around either being in bed sleeping, being in bed watching movies with Alex or eating! It's been a wonderfully slothy time lol!"

    Oh, that sounds WONDERFUL!

  2. you are the best cook, lucky Alex! I have a bottle of St Ives, still working on getting more out of the bottom, will never get that again. Beautiful art.

  3. I can not wrap my mind around 20 -40 inches of snow. We got 12 inches in Pennsylvania one night and it shut the city down. Glad you are feeling more like you again.

  4. Always good eating at your place! And those lotions are such a rip off. That is smart thinking about cutting them open and scraping out what's left. I should do the same!

    I do agree that snow looks pretty, especially when it's freshly fallen but I'm just not ready for it, Rain! I shiver from head to toe until the spring. LOL

  5. 20 - 40 inches ????? OMG sis, we got a dusting and I am windchill of -27c tonight ... doesnt look like any major amound will fall in the near future but ... we know it will come sooner or later. We are ready. The critters are all tucked away in the warm barn ... the last bunch came in from pasture today. Winter is here ...
    Your food looks so good. The pesto ... ohhhh yumm...u just gave me a craving for sundried tomatoes.
    I love the November painting. Its very November ish ;)
    A day in bed sounds so unbelievably out of this world to me ... lol like an unreachable goal. Hahah.
    What an I saying ?? Of course I am happy and grateful for having to get up with my 3 wildies at 7am every day.
    Maybe if I bring them all into my bedroom ... with the tv on, lots of snacks and lock the door ... they might stay in bed with me all day :) hmmm...good

  6. Big snow here today (Saturday). Your food always looks so good! I only made pesto once. It took an awful lot of pine nuts. Good idea cutting open the lotion container. Any kind of pump container would be like that, wouldn't it? Have a good weekend, Rain! -Jenn

  7. We got a little snow, Friday night, but it's gone. Still cold and windy though...

    Oh that pesto sounds wonderful, and how he has it, with cheese, etc. Yummmm...

    Your whole menu sounds delightful. You are so wise to do planning. We never do. -sigh- We start, and stop. lol

    Ho ho! All that lotion out of *empty* containers! Yesssss!

  8. What delicious collection of treasures.

    Temecula CA has had snow once in 2 decades. Children danced in it, made snowmen.

  9. 20-40 Inches?...Yikes!!!! Those Camembert's look Awesome! We brought along our kit to Florida and will be working on some cheeses soon. Hope you have a terrific week! Look forward to what's goin on in that kitchen! Alex is lucky!

  10. 20 - 40 inches of snow??? Do you shovel your way out? Re: lotions... I've noticed that the center of the bottle (where the pump touches) is raised higher than the edges of a bottle. What a ridiculous design, it seems to me. I, too, cut my bottles and then just store the bottle in a resealable baggie while I use up the dregs for a couple of weeks. That you were able to get that much out of the bottoms of three bottles is amazing!

  11. Your food is as good as ever and that menu is adorable :D I'm supposed to be trying ricotta this week! I'm nervous!!!

  12. snow!!!! we might get a bit on tuesday but i bet we won't. i am dying for snow! you guys eat so well!

  13. Look at all that snow! WOW! I always cut the lotion containers open, even the squeeze ones! There is always so much in them! It's crazy! All the food looks so good! Your painting is amazing! I love the feeling in it! Big Hugs!

  14. HAHA...SNOW, not for us yet but flurries in the morn and we had flurries yesterday morn. But snow usually comes a tad later for us in Nashville TN....if we get any at all. Mostly just flurries or dustings! I WANT A FOOT....and then I want it to melt the next day! haha

  15. You are so organized. That is amazing how much you got from the bottom of the lotion container. I get annoyed when I have to bang it about to get what's left. Your ricotta looks good. I like the first photo of your painting. It made me feel I was looking through a rainy window.

  16. 20 to 40 inches of snow? That's the kind of storm I dream of! At home of course. I have taken to watching You Tube videos of blizzards and historic blizzards...there's some good ones! LOL!
    Your menu looks enticing but we have our Thanksgiving coming up so that dinner will last me for awhile! I am trying to be more self-sufficient every day and thanks for the tip about the hand cream....I usually prop them upside down in a glass but I never thought of cutting into them...brilliant! Love your drawing of the trees!


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