Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Plump! Summer In The Laurentians :)

Hi Everyone :)

The theme for the Scribble Picnic this week is "Plump"! :) Any Looney Tunes fan will remember Porky the Pig's constant giggling in the classic Robin Hood Daffy as he plays Friar Tuck. :) 

Here is a two minute slice of that funny cartoon.

Speaking of plump, I've been making lots of desserts lately! Hmmm...I'm guessing I'll need to be walking the dogs a little longer each morning to work off this Pineapple Upside Down Cake!

Besides lots of desserts, we've been enjoying the abundance of lettuce that is thriving in the garden! But you know me, there must be cheese...I tried a "cheesy bread" that seems to be very trendy lately. I made some garlic butter, spread it on my No Knead Bread, added some shredded Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parm and broiled it, then added some home grown parsley. Very nice with a Cesar salad! :)

Some great news! We found another robin's nest in the lilac tree! Alex had to really stretch up with his phone to get a photo of the nest!

We were just checking out the container garden when we heard a bird flying away and we saw the nest just above us.

It's pretty close to the house so we can keep a good eye on it. We tried to save a baby robin a few weeks back that fell out of the nest but the poor little sweetie didn't make it. We rescued him, Alex climbed the tree to recover the nest, we put the nest in another tree and were so pleased to see the parents found him again and fed him worms. But...nature can be cruel sometimes. We're still dealing with that little loss, we really got attached to the little fella. :( 

We are hoping this one will make it! I kind of feel like the robin nested this close to our home because she knew we'd help her watch over her little one. :) I'll keep you posted, send some prayers up north for this little bird!! :) You can bet we'll be guarding the nest just as much as its parents!!!

We've had such a busy week...we found a GREAT deal on my favourite cookbooks. A lady was selling these 24 books for $35, they were used but in excellent condition! The downside is that she lived in Montreal, which is a 2-hour drive away. Alex and I promised each other we'd never set foot in Montreal ever again. With our upbringings, that was a healthy decision, best not to open old wounds right? But...we felt it was worth the drive because we've been slowly accumulating these cookbooks online the last few years at a cost of about $15 each. Including the gas expense, these came out to just about $2.25 each.  Good deal! :)

We were going to go for ice cream but opted to revisit one of our old favourite pizza joints instead! :) We really don't go out often, we're trying to save money, but once in a while, it's a real treat!

But as usual, the stress of driving back to our home town, the stress of the traffic, our nerves...we both felt under the weather for a few days after and spent most of our time in bed watching movies and eating ice cream! :) We have both realized that if we never have to go to a city ever again, it'll be a happy day for us. Being home in the mountains feel right. :)

I can't believe tomorrow is the Summer Solstice already....time goes by way too fast for me, especially in the warmer weather. I hope you're all doing well!! :) I suppose we'll all catch up this winter lol! ;)


  1. score!!! those books are great! i get dive bombed when i go outside by all of the birds protecting nests. i live in an aviary! your food always looks so good!

  2. As usual, I gain weight, just looking at the delicious things you cook!!!!! :-))))))

    Yes, nature is cruel. We tend to "prettify" it. To act as if everything natural, is wonnnderful. It is, as far as survival is concerned. But it is not, with our human sensibility, of loving and kind and fair.

    Good that you got the books. Also "good," that you learned (again) that city life is not for you.


  3. What a deal you got on those cookbooks! I foresee lots of delicious food in your future!

  4. Love your plump character! Wow on the cookbooks...those are gourmet ones... your food looks amazing this week. Love the colour of the egg.

  5. What a bargain for the cookbooks - know you will enjoy them. Wish you were closer, I'd love to give you a lot of mine as I continue downsizing.

    The baking, cheese bread and salads look delicious - you are such a whiz in the kitchen Rain.

    I'm beginning to dislike the cities too, especially the traffic, noise and rude people! I would quite like to move to a small country town here in North Carolina, but Bob is a city boy. When out driving through such calm rural areas, I love to look at the houses and gardens and wonder what kind of life the occupants are enjoying closer to nature and far away from the interstates and shopping malls!

    That's such a cute Porky Pig illustration. The theme was a bit of a challenge as I didn't want to get too obvious - and, if was eating at your house you could just draw me because I'd definitely be plump - well actually I'm far from skinny already thanks to my thyroid issues and meds., and of course all that fabulous cheese!

    Hope so much your new robin's egg hatches and you get a sweet baby bird to watch.

    Stay cool - we're fighting such a heatwave here and not summer until tomorrow! We're heading north soon though and hoping it will be cooler - especially if we make it as far as Canada!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  6. Delightful post, Rain. Oh, all that wonderful looking food! We just finished a late lunch but your pictures made me hungry again. Glad to hear your salad plantings are holding out and that you continue to enjoy the nutritious, fresh, crispness of them.

    I think you will find the less and less you see of "city life," the happier you will be and appreciate being "out in the boonies" all the more. I know we sure do. You make such a comfortable home with so many enjoyable activities right there, why would you want to leave? (True, there are times when it just HAS to be done, but just remember you have your own little oasis to come back to. That's what we do and appreciate our place here more each and every time we return home.)

  7. that plump little fella is perfect!! I just made a pineapple upside down cake too! It was from a new blog I found that does small batch coking,, it was pineapple upside down cake for two,, it was actually four helpings in our opinion,, but was excellent! I really love the sound of that cheese bread, it looks wonderful. I haven't been to Montreal, or Toronto , or anywhere for that matter lol, I've only been further North where there is really nothing but more trees, we live in a small small town and I'm not fond of crowds or noise so I suppose I will stay where I am lol,, I understand completely how it would stress you out visiting the city, but what a great buy,, your cookbooks are certainly your passion,, good for you,, its a wonderful interest, I mean we all have to eat so we might as well eat well lol,, enjoy these beauty days Rain,,thank you for sharing,

  8. Your posts always make me so hungry! I don't blame you for not wanting to spend time in the city. Montreal, especially, is a stressful driving situation. However, hopefully the new recipes will make up for the event! -Jenn

  9. Great score on those cookbooks! I bet you will make some amazing meals and make us all hungry with the photos you share :)

    I don't mind visiting the big cities now and again, but I hate driving in them! So tiring. So stressful. Especially in Montreal with all its aggressive and rude drivers.

    I hope everything goes well with that baby robin!!!

  10. June 21, 2018

    Happy Midsummer’s Eve...!!!

  11. Hi Rain, What a buy on those cookbooks!! If I lived with you I would be plump because you make so many delicious things. I am with you on not liking big cities! Nancy

  12. Plump Porky certainly follows the theme. I've been AWOL from the Picnic, but managed to slip in for a bit this week.
    Love that you got the cookbooks you wanted for a great price!
    We don't have mountains here, but am so glad we live out in the country rather than in a city!

  13. I remember that cartoon. Haven't thought of it in years, but it was a good one. Looks like your cooking continues to be top flight. Must be nice to be able to do that.

  14. I bet you are a fantastic cook! Your food and the way you present it always looks so nice. Thanks to you that next little Robin will probably be just fine. I love the one little egg but would have loved to see a bunch in that nest. Nice to have you back and blogging a bit.

  15. I spend lots of my time cooking and it is so satisfying isn't it? We've had terrible hot weather here in Illinois though so I haven't fired up the oven to bake much but the next cool day...I'm making some pineapple upside down cake cause yours looks fabulous!!!

  16. Man, you were cranking out the nom, girl. I remember that Looney Tunes. Good ol' show.

  17. Hi Everyone! :) Please excuse the non-personalized response to your lovely comments. We've had a week let me tell you...driving to Montreal, then doctors appointments, then an emergency vet visit for Oscar the cat (he's okay)...then recovery days...and now the dreaded Quebec national holiday weekend. The town is overrun with tourists, loud motorcycles, loud music and just overall ANNOYANCE!!!

    We're hibernating. If you drove by all you'd see where the blinds opening a crack for us to spy on who you are lol...

    Thanks for your wonderful support and all of your comments! Love to all of you!! xxx

  18. Your photo of the pineapple upside down cake made my mouth water. I love pineapple upside down cake! I may just have to make one in the next few days. I bookmarked your recipe to try it. I shall say a prayer for your robin egg. Take care!

  19. Ah yes, Porky Pig definitely fits the 'plump' prompt. Nicely illustrated too!

    It has been many, many years since I made pineapple upside-down cake. Your one turned out nice. I will have to try it again with a vegan version. Mind you, I need to be losing weight, not putting more on. haha

    So sad that the baby robin didn't make it. I sure hope the second one survives. Sending prayers for the little guy.

    Have fun browsing all your new cookbooks — great buy!

    We are in the midst of our winter here. Enjoy your summer! :)

  20. I love your Porky the Pig! So cute! Your food is so amazing Rain! You could open a restaurant! You scored on the books! Good for you! Your little robin will be having prayers sent from me! Yummy ice-cream and pizza! Take Care!!! Happy Summer! Big Hugs!

  21. Rain, your plump contribution is perfect ..and funny..I remember that cartoon well, now that I see it again. ha. And looking at all your good stuff here makes me feel plump - would definitely be that if I ate ice cream each day. Oh man, do I so love it! In fact, the other day I had my youngest over where we did the same thing as you--watched movie and ate ice cream...but not from a grueling drive to the city and back, let alone for cookbooks! Hope you enjoy them after all that. :)

    that baby robin story reminds me of some forlorn lil bird I saw fall off and my attempts to rescue it which only made it worse. I remember crying over that one. Felt so bad.

    thank you so much for the contribution and fascinating post, as always. :)

  22. Congratulations on the cook books; that's an amazing collection and something you will use for years and years. You are always showing us photos of the meals you make and all I have to say is, Yum!!! That bread you made and the added ingredients you used just make my mouth water and the photo is beautiful. Given the right opportunity I do believe that you could come up with your own lovely cook book.
    I do hope that your little robin hatches and turns out to have a safe life, so many of them leave the nest too soon before they can truly fly.
    Here's to a change in your weather and warm summer nights.
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)
    P.S. You did get my curiosity up about Montreal.

  23. Hi Rain, I enjoyed watching the video. It was a throwback to when I was a kid.

  24. I'll need to take a walk just to work off what I put on looking at your delicious Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. ;^) Loved reading about the robins and your care of their little ones. And good deal on the books! I look forward to seeing all the inspiration that flows from their pages onto your blog. :)

  25. I needs you to airmail that pineapple upside down cake right away, dear Rain because it looks just yummy! As a collector of cookbooks, I don't blame you one bit for taking that drive and getting such an amazing deal on this collection. Truly amazing that you found this! I visited Montreal once for a comedy festival with Showtime many years ago,and it was a whirlwind affair for sure! I didn't know you were on Instagram, and of course I had to follow you there and on Pinterest too! Really love your pics! Hugs...RO

  26. I just had to pop over again to smile at Porky the Pig(lol) Love your Instagram!!! Hugs...RO

  27. wow what a deal on those cook books. I live in the mountains also and although I like to go down to where we use to live (a suburb outside of LA-Inland empire) ...i always like getting back up to the mountain. Life is at such a slower pace up here We really do live a slow life.

  28. Just stopping by this Monday to check out that amazing Bugs Bunny picture, and to once again marvel at that cookbook deal. Happy July! Hugs...RO

  29. Glad to read that you and Alex had each other to share this journey with, including the at-home-ice cream. And dang, what a deal with those books, even with the gas. Totally worth it. Love it.

  30. Wow great deal on those books.
    I am with u on the city visits...and my " city" has only a population of 7000 people ... lol if I would never have to go there ever again. I wouldnt miss a single thing...


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