Tuesday, April 24, 2018

All's Well That Ends Well :)

Hello my friends! :)

It's "nap time" here at the cottage. I have to say, I LOVE when all eight pets are snoozing away! Here are Stella and Pavlov...our furry-guests since mid-September 2017. It's been a long gig, babysitting these two above our own 6 pets! We finally have an end to this situation. Their owner is flying here between May 8th and the 15th to pick them up and fly them back to Morocco. They will not have to be quarantined because they meet all of the requirements for entry - PHEWF...We have these two for just under three more weeks. It's a relief because it's been too much work and stress...but it's sad too because we will really miss them. You can bet we won't be dog-sitting anymore. 

Alex and I decided to spend some alone time together yesterday. We went for a nice long walk around the village. It seems like spring has sprung overnight! Just a few days ago, it was still -10C and snowing...now it's "balmy" weather at around 15C each day!

This is the town's quaint little covered bridge. It was really sunny yesterday. I took my Canon camera with me, which is something I'll be doing from now on!

There is a little dam on the other side of the bridge that continues down to the river. This water looks so cold, I wouldn't want to fall in!

The Canada Geese didn't mind the frigid river though. They were squawking so loudly at us any time we got within 50 feet of them!

Nest? Part of the tree? What do you think?

We caught the Waxing Gibbous Moon rising too. I love my zoom :) Now that Old Man Winter has finally made himself cozy for a long summer's nap, Alex and I have vowed to spend most of our time together and with our dogs outside. Just wanted to let my Blogging friends know that my posts will likely slow down during the warmer months!

This morning I've been doing some food preparation. I started a Battuto for my Homemade Pasta Sauce. Some people call the carrot-celery-onion mix a "Holy Trinity" or a "Mirepoix"...I like the Italian "Battuto" way of saying it! :) I also have some chicken stock going in the pot, that'll simmer for a good few days.

And to use up some carrots, I made Carrot Muffins, they basically taste like the Carrot Cake I make, but without the frosting!

Once our "little" family of me, Alex and the 6 fur-kids gets back to normal in a few weeks, we have lots of plans for the garden! Time to plan for the gardening season! Happy happy happy!!! :)


  1. Okay... I am ready for some food! Oh my, you are a wonderful cook. Wish I could sample some of it.

  2. Wow, you got some lovely pictures! That growth on the tree is a fungus. Don't know the exact kind but I'll bet info on it could be found on the good ol' Internet. We see it around here, too.

    I could almost smell the aroma of your food cooking. Almost.

    Now give me one of those Carrot Muffins and no one will get hurt. ;o}

  3. always a pleasure to visit, beautiful photos and delicous food! Glad you are being released from your responsibility.

  4. Great capture of that covered bridge! Very New England-esque!

    Isn't it great for the soul to get outside? I love being outside when the weather is on my side.

    I made a banana bread on the weekend. That has been the extent of my baking creations. Your carrot muffins look delicious!

  5. I know you will miss them, but it sounds like it's for the best. Morocco?? That is a long way to go. I'm surprised they don't need to be in quarantine.

  6. Isn't it wonderful that warmer weather is finally here! Today it will be +20C in Edmonton!

  7. I enjoyed your "food" photos and wouldn't mind a muffin with my coffee right about now. Loved your walk photos and I can't even imagine taking care of 8 dogs. wow.

  8. Oh, that's a lovely post Rain. I'm glad the visitors have had a good time with you, but it really is a lot of extra work and it will be so good to get back to normal. I still haven't got into a blog routine since our move. I just grab a bit of time here and there.
    Enjoy the lovely weather.xxx

  9. that looks like a witches broom! but it also looks like a dead one. sometimes different species of evergreens naturally graft themselves to other ones and grow on them. i've only ever seen two in person. i knew a guy that collected them and planted his entire garden with witches brooms. i hope the guy actually shows to take his dogs back. it's a shame he took advantage of you!

  10. I like the Italian reference to the onion carrot and celery too! I hadn't heard that before, I would miss the dogs after all this time and i would also question the person's sincerity towards the dogs, I believe when we accept to share our lives with an animal or human we must be loyal to their care, its a commitment I take seriously., I try not to be a judging person but I would never do that to my dogs ever! I have looked after quite a few friends and neighbors animals over the years but no one ever took advantage of me,, there are good people out there. Not saying he is a bad person, I have no idea but that was a long time. The animals are the ones that will suffer, they won't know why they are being shuffled around,,
    Your photos are beautiful and I can understand why thats a tourist destination, beautiful scenery! Enjoy spring!!

  11. I think that tree has a some type of solar damage that causes a change in growth. They are sought after and grafted to make ornamental shrubs. I know there is a name for the growth abnormality but can't remember what it is called. I saw one on a tree near here but it soon died, I guess they can't flourish on the original tree sometimes but if removed they have a chance.

  12. This bridge reminds me of the bridge in l'Anse-St-Jean.

  13. It looks so lovely where you are. A perfect place for outdoor photograph! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your images. I've been up to the Laurentians and it's pretty awesome there.

    I am so pleased that things will be getting back to normal for all of you soon. I know you will miss these precious pups but you've done more than necessary and it's time to move on now. You can get back to a healthier pace and back to a more normal life.

    I've got some extra carrots in the fridge and those carrot muffins look good! Thanks for sharing your recipes. It's always nice to try something new.

  14. Your pictures are lovely and it is nice to see that your snow is melting and spring is making an appearance. I am glad to read that the guest dogs saga is coming to a good end. They are beautiful dogs but enough is enough.

  15. Those canines are going to miss you for sure. How lucky they've been and I hoe they continue to be a priority in their new home.

  16. Aww, you'll miss them for sure. But you did such a great thing, helping. And now the dogs get a new adventure on the other side of the world. I hope they stay in touch with you and send pics.

    Good food and beautiful pics. Man, that one with eh bridge, that water was so still and calm.. Looked like a painting.

  17. Hey Rain, I just adore the lovely scenery at your place and around the village. Reminds me of a picture perfect movie. Nothing wrong with a little romance walk! My goodness, to get 8 furry friends to all sleep at the same time sounds pretty phenomenal to me. HUGE Hugs..RO

  18. That's a beautiful picture of the covered bridge! I hope the owner of the dogs follows through on his promise. Will you be compensated for dog food / vet bills, etc.? Isn't it nice to finally see the season change? -Jenn

  19. The pictures are quite lovely (although the water looks terribly cold).

  20. It's amazing what a difference two dogs can make, even if you have more than one. You two have been the most wonderful dog-sitters EVER. Such a beautiful place in which you live - I am close to Vermont and quite a few covered bridges. I do love them. I can see why you are beset by weekenders.

  21. Gorgeous photos!!!!

    So happy your weather has turned the corner. Ours tooo, but rain today. But we need those April showers, to awaken tree blossoms! :-)

    I will be so very happy, when this ^(*&^%%## person finally picks up his dogs. Grrrrrrrr.....

    Please! No matter what sad tale, anyone tells you, please do not do any more favors!!!! You have learned your lesson.

    No good deed, goes unpunished!!!"

    And I mean do not do any favors!!!!!

  22. I love the photographs you’ve taken. Such talent! That pic of the moon is awesome.

  23. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful walk with us. Your food looks amazing. xx

  24. i know you will miss them dear Rain but still i am glad that the work stress will be less for both of you .

    Loved your shots ,your camera is quite powerful and moon seemed so close:)

    delicious food for cool nights must be amazing feel

    this is great to have walk together just to spend time along

  25. Beautiful scenery! Those muffins look good. I haven't bake anything here lately either. Mmm.

  26. I've never heard of carrot muffins but they sure look yummy! Hope you're doing well! Hugs...RO

  27. You get great photos. What kind of camera are you using, Rain. I need to get one for myself. My ten year old $60.00 Walmart camera is not cutting the mustard.

    I hope that guy doesn't just dump the dogs off by the road somewhere. Based on your past experiences, I would trust him about as far as I could throw him.

  28. What gorgeous pictures! I love that little covered bridge, nothing like that here!
    It will be nice to have the stress of the additional 2 dogs gone even though they will be missed. Lucky dogs though...I would love to Morocco!! lol

  29. I'm so happy that you are finally getting some spring weather. Your photo are marvelous. We babysat my husband's brother's dog for a year once, and it was so hard to let her go. I had no idea how much my heart had attached it's self to her :)
    Happy Spring!!!
    Connie :)

  30. It is so nice to see things thawing out for you northerners. Pretty soon there will be lovely flowers adorning your blog pages.

    I hope Stella and Pavlov will be well taken care of when they reach their home. You were such a great foster mom to them. But, 5 dogs is a lot. I watch our daughters dogs when she goes out of town and she just got #3. I informed her there would not be 5 dogs in my house at one time. I learned from you lol!

    Your photos are gorgeous. You have a great eye for photography.

  31. Your walk looks beautiful. So nice that you got out and enjoyed the details.
    Pet sitting: only if you get paid well.

    You are right, Lee is my last name. But I am use to both....

  32. I am so happy about the puppies!
    Yeh, Spring! Gorgeous pictures! Enjoy the weather!
    Such yummy food! Thanks for sharing!
    Big Hugs!

  33. Wonderful walk! Glad you will get some relief from dog sitting soon. Gardening yes! Nancy

  34. Your pictures of your village and the bridge are beautiful! We call it the Holy Trinity here. It looks like someone threw their dead Christmas tree up there! LOL!
    Is your stock recipe on your list? You simmer it for a dew days? That sounds like it would be very good! Yes, that is exactly why I haven't blogged or visited as much.....my workload doubles once Spring arrives here which is early here in the SOuth.
    YOur muffins look yummy! Can't wait to see your garden this year!

  35. I know u will miss the pups and they will miss u too. I am glad everything worked out :)
    I need to get my "real" camera out ... its way to easy to quickly snap a picture with the cell phone.
    Lovely pics, sis


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