Friday, May 12, 2017

Window of Opportunity

Looking up into the sky today...something was tugging at me. I had to delve deep into my subconscious to figure out what I was looking at. The memory came back slowly. That's it, blue sky! :) Could it be? Is it possible that the sun will make a show-stopping appearance today??? Well, the good news is that the possibility of rain is only 30% today so I'm heading outside, sun or not!

I'm going to work smart today overdoing it. (ahem) The weekend promises a deluge of rain, so I want to get what I can done while I have better weather! 


  1. Run quick, get outside while you can!!! I feel the same way, although we have had sun (sorry) we are cold. And windy. And that makes for working outside unbearable. I am hoping that we will get some proper weather soon. May long weekend is upon us next week and that's when we can "supposedly" plant outside. I will just wait impatiently! :)

    I hope you get all done what you need. Maybe you will get a sun tan! :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. yep...a good old nor'easter is on the way!

  3. Love the pic...enjoy your outside time :)

  4. Isn't that the way this time of year? Make hay while the sun shines. Well, of course no hay making yet, but you know what I mean. Even though it was sunny today, we had a nippy wind until about 1:30 p.m. when it died down. Felt darn cold out there, but Papa Pea and I got the raspberries pruned, I planted 1/2 bed of onions, transplanted tomatoes into bigger pots (inside first thing this morn), and started cleaning up the blueberry bed. Now in for some iced tea (I drink it year 'round) and to make a casserole for dinner.

    Hope you got in all the time outside you wanted!

  5. We are getting some rain in the Smokey Mountains tonight, but not enough. Still in a bad drought here.

  6. Glad you could get outside. I did too, however I can't plant outside until about another week. I have plenty of indoor work too, ha ha!

  7. You go girl! I am still a little sore from my weeding and then there was BIG shopping today and I did make a menu and did really well at the store. I have lots of cooking and baking to do though. I'm beat. I'm having a beer for my troubles! LOL!


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