Friday, May 5, 2017

Burger Night and All Seedlings Healthy!

Last night was Burger Night! :) I wanted to make Alex a special meal since he'd been taking such good care of me after my tumble. He loves burgers and I always try to outdo myself with the toppings. I made his with ground top sirloin and mine with a breaded chicken breast. On his was lettuce, tomato, bacon, Swiss, Cheddar and two onion rings!! Mine was much more "simple" ;), I had the breaded chicken breast that I'd pounded down thin, with ham, Swiss, lettuce and tomato. I made strawberry milkshakes, fries and onion rings too...whoa...BIG meal! I think I'm still digesting!

The raging river. I took this photo from the covered bridge this morning.

Poor Marlene...when I stopped to take the picture, a big truck drove by and scared her. She's so sensitive to loud noises. You know, we had an acquaintance who tried to convince us to NEVER get shelter dogs because you adopt "all of their problems" along with them. The heck with that! These three are the best dogs and they make a wonderful pack! They listen, they obey, just look at them sitting and waiting for me!! They're loving, sweet and fun. Of course, they each have their own quirks and issues, but we love them to bits and will always adopt from shelters from now on.

My obsession update: I stopped by the mail box this morning and got the next installment of my addiction! :) I have no more room in the window so these will have to wait to be planted at the end of May outside. The whole reason for this order was the mint because I want to make mint juleps lol...And I ordered more seeds the other day since I'm now doing potatoes in the tires. Speaking of that...

I set up my little root garden yesterday. Yes...I very likely overdid it. I probably should have been resting...but I'm so dang restless! Plus we had SUN yesterday, with 4 more days of rain in the forecast, so I felt the need to take advantage!! I dug up my pumpkin patch! It looks tiny in the photo, but it's about 3 feet wide by 5 feet long, give or take. That's just the first one. I'm planning another one to the right of the photo where you can't really see. We want to make an opening in the lattice fence, so when that's done, I can figure out the sizing of the second patch. I still have to make a raised bed around this and buy more earth from the garden center, but stage one is done. My carrots and radishes will stay there and I have my tires in place for the potatoes. I still have some work to do on the tires, like cutting out the inside rims (thanks Kymber and Ruth for the advice) and making them look pretty. :)

It's funny what you find in boxes...I found these three solar lights that you plunk into the ground. I guess I bought them last fall at the Dollar Store? I just can't remember. Anyway, what a nice find, I hope they work! :)

Ever feel like you're being watched? This little fella kept an eye on me for a while as I was digging.

I tried to very subtly walk closer to get a better photo, but he got wise to me and took off!

Now I feel complete! My spring onions have popped up! Every pot in my sunny (not so sunny today) window has plants growing - happy! Good thing I got rid of those peat pots! I feel accomplished that I succeeded in growing seedlings. Now the challenge will be to see if I can keep them healthy and growing until and after they are transplanted into bigger pots and raised beds at the end of May!


  1. Well, it's just before lunch time here and those burgers and shakes are making my planned tossed salad seem not quite so appetizing!

    You and Alex must have done so much work, spent a lot of time and energy, and used a lot of love to get all three of your rescue pups so well trained. Kudos to both of you.

    I've been trying to establish one whole 4 x 8' raised bed in mint. So far, the plants look deader than a door nail this spring, but they did winter over last year and the winter just past was much milder so I'm trying to not be too anxious about them.

    You certainly worked hard outside yesterday for having bonged up so much of your body with your recent tumble! I think the reason that squirrel was keeping such an attentive eye on you was because you were digging where he remembered storing some good nuts and was ready to pounce if you came across his stash! ;o)

    Your seedlings look good! You're doing better than a lot of us who are having continued problems getting our seedlings to do much. :o(

  2. Lol Mama Pea...I can't even eat lunch...I think I'm still digesting the burgers from last night!! And thanks, we did work a lot on the dogs. Marlene not so much, she's very insecure but all she needs is affection and she is very obedient! Charlie though...she needs a sled...I feel like my left arm will be longer than my right arm by the end of the summer she pulls so hard. But she's good, when I say "Charlie, easy", she slows down, then gets all excited again and forgets lol...Jack well, he'll always be Mr. Growly Jack, but we trust him now that he won't bite and he trusts us that we won't hurt him. :)

    That's a lot of mint! I hope they come back to life. You know, I had no idea what to do at the beginning of this spring. I now know I got some great advice from the lady at the garden center. She told me to buy a special seedling/sprouting mix of earth to start my plants and boy was she right. I have to be careful when I transplant them, to mix in some of that seedling mix into the earth to make sure the plants don't shock and die. The next step of my gardening venture! I hope your seedlings are faring better!!

    And yes, I did too much work again, sigh...good opportunity to ask for a massage though! :) I had to take some more pain killers before bed, but you know how it is, when you have a sunny day! :) That's hilarious about the squirrel lol, I bet you're right!!! :)

  3. Have you ever tried a hamburger with a slice of cold pickled beet on it? That's how they like them in Australia. And it's surprisingly good!

  4. Hi Debra :)) We do have pickled beets in the fridge, I never thought of that. There are so many possible toppings! I'll have to try it because I can imagine how it would be yummy, especially on the chicken burger.

  5. Hmmm...those hamburger look so good. I would like one right now.
    Need comfort food as thinks are crazy here right now. Why does everything happen all at ones.
    Very sad news. Our baby died yesterday morning :( still trying to get back into the groove :(
    I will tell u the whole story as soon as I can ...

  6. Oh no, sorry Nik. :( Don't forget to take care of yourself, as we always forget in times like this right? xx

  7. good looking burgers! yum! the dogs are so cute! we are having cool rainy weather and i am loving it!

  8. Wow the burger, fries and rings are a perfect combination. Now I want onion rings.

  9. Thanks Joyce :)) I'm not minding the cool rainy weather right now actually, it's nice to hear the raindrops falling :)

  10. Hi Gill :) The onion rings were store bought and just so so, I've tried making them a few times and can't get the right recipe...I'm still trying though!

  11. Hiya! Oh those burgers look mighty good! Love onion rings but hardly ever have them! We had burgers last weekend and one of the toppings was carmelized onions and mushrooms. So good!

    Our husky Tor did not do well with loud noises. Especially fireworks. Oh that poor boy - we got him in the winter and the first summer we went for the July 1st fireworks. Not knowing his quirk with noises we came home to find him gone and our back door window smashed. He was a year round outside dog and I guess with the noise from the fireworks he tried to get in the house. I felt so, so bad. We looked for him that night but was not lucky. Up early the next morning and scoured the neighborhood. We found him in the back yard of our son's friend. How lucky were we!!! And not a scratch on him from the broken window. Poor guy. Going forward we knew what to do when it was firework time....he came in the house until all was quiet again.

    Well, I'd like to chime in about rescue dogs versus purebreds. I have had dogs all my life, usually 2 to 3 at a time. I have had purebreds and rescues and they BOTH have quirks and strange habits. That will never stop me from getting from shelters/rescues :)

    Yay for the seeds and their strength!!! Once your rains stop and you get sun watch out! You will be planting them outside before long. Tomorrow and Sunday my plans are to be outside as much as possible. With the odd trip indoors for various reasons :) I hope it stops raining for you soon.

    :) Dianna

  12. i can see how hard you been working on your garden my friend .your posts each time remind me my late mother who was hugely fond of gardening and most of vegetables she used to grow in her own front yard for years.her day started with her thoughts and actions about garden which was her favorite place in whole house .
    River looks absolutely gorgeous!
    glad you found a sunny day to work and i love when such companies give you sense of being watched from little far it is always joyous experience ,you captured her well.
    hope mint grows as finely as onion of your's .
    this is pleasure to make homemade chips and burgers for your loved ones at home

  13. Your burgers reminded me I have canned caramelized onions, beet/cabbage relish, and some radish relish I need to use up this summer. I'll be grillin' burgers for sure. Yum.

  14. Hi Dianna :))

    Thank you, they were really good. It's hard to find a good onion ring, even the diners we go to now and then, it's touch and go! A&W seems to be the best in our opinions :)

    Oh, poor Tor, I'm glad all was well in the end...Marlene is going to have a hard time today, there are risks of thunderstorms. She starts panting and shaking...I feel so bad for her, but all I can do is let her sit near me, she's too antsy for even cuddling. And you know, in 1995, I adopted 2 pugs, purebreds, they were wonderful dogs. But the shelter dogs need me more! Puppies will find homes easier than older dogs, that's for sure, so I'm a shelter gal now :)

    It's still raining, oh well. At least my seedlings are all indoors and still doing really well! :)

  15. Hi Baili :))
    I think that my garden is fast becoming my favourite place in the house too :) Even if it's just in the window for now! I can't wait to get all of those plants outside in the warm weather and sunshine. I love all of the forest critters so much...I keep trying to get closer to them, but they get day I'd love to be able to feed them by hand! :)

  16. Hi Kristina! :) I wish I could start grilling too! It's just too rainy right now.

  17. Your burgers and onion rings look so good! Our Coco is afraid of loud noises too like thunder and fire works. She shakes. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you plant things. Right now I am tired of hauling plants in and out of the house in case there is a frost! Hope you continue to heal fast. Nancy

  18. Hi Nancy :)) Thank you! I'm doing a lot better, I'm still sore but the bruises look worse than how I feel! You know...I was so tempted to start the hardening off process...but just the process of watering these plants is long! I couldn't afford any trays to put under the pots this year, so I just have some foil to hold water drippings. Every other day I bring them one at a time to the sink to give them a light watering and it's a 30 minute affair! I know I'm going to have to start hauling in and out soon, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it lol! Poor Coco...pets are so sensitive...I give Marlene Rescue Remedy but it doesn't really do the trick. I have to find some money soon because I want to buy her a Thunder Shirt. They have good reviews and even some of our Blog friends have had success with them. She's a big girl though, so it'll be around $50.

  19. Now those are burgers! We have only ever adopted pets. All have been wonderful companion animals. People don't get how amazing they can be, and they need loving homes...

  20. I agree Nancy :) The shelter dogs need really loving homes, especially the older ones. We got Jack when he was 9 years old. I never wanted to adopt an older dog before for fear of getting too attached, then old age would take him away, but Jack is my little fella and I'm so glad we got him! :)

  21. Do you have a deep fryer for your onion rings and fries? Those burgers look mighty tasty and I love malts...that is a perfect retro meal! Your dogs are awesome and they are very well behaved for sure or you could not walk 3 at a time! Look at you go with your seedlings! You definitely have a green thumb! You go girl!

  22. Hi Sam :)) I wish I had a deep fryer!! That's on the wish list for when we move because we love fries and onion rings, but doing it on the's messy but also it stinks the whole house up! We had a neighbour who used to plug in her deep fryer on her porch, not a bad idea, kept the stink out of her house!


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