Friday, April 21, 2017

Wet Dogs and Dip For Dinner! :)

Alex and I ended up going out yesterday. We discovered a park about a 15 minute drive away and it was deserted! We took a bunch of photos, I'm trying to look like a bird watcher here. :) Just a 15 minute drive south and it's so spring-like; yet we still have lots of snow on the trails where we live.

How quickly I derail from my menu plan lol...after the last few days, neither Alex nor I wanted to be in the kitchen cooking. The stress really gets to us and we both get exhausted fast. So we made a few dips, grabbed the bag of pita bread, the leftover baguette and Brie and watched some Jerry Lewis movies in bed! Talk about cozy on a cold overcast evening!!

This morning is even more overcast...and the rain is really coming down! But I thought...enough is enough. The dogs NEED to be in the woods, and so do I!!! So we ventured through snow and wet leaves for a fun little walk in the woods by our cottage.  The rain falling was all I heard while we were out, it was so nice! I'm hoping the drizzly weather will keep the weekenders away tomorrow! (Fingers crossed!!)

The snow was knee deep in some spots, they didn't care...I kind of had a hard time, but we muddled through! Charlie and Jack always lead the pack. Charlie's eyes are darting everywhere and Jack's nose is usually to the ground, he has to have some scent hound in him. He sounds like a little piglet when he's "tracking"!

The dogs got soaked, especially Marlene. Her coat really holds water! She looks like a bear here!

Just a happy shot of me and Alex! Sometimes life can throw you some challenges, but in the end, all that matters is how happy you are. We're not rich, we get by though. Our pets are all healthy. The car does run (though it's still making a funny noise!). We are surrounded by nature. Things always seem to work out so I'm trying not to worry about it! I hope everyone has a happy weekend! :) 


  1. Hi Rain!

    OMG you guys are gorgeous!! :) You both look so happy and yes, life throws us challenges and we rise to them - coming out the other side sometimes tattered but wiser and stronger. And I think what you did going into the forest was a wise thing...when my stressors get to me I head to Birds Hill Park. That's my go to to "lose my mind and find my soul"

    RAIN!!! Who ordered that??? :) Can I trade you your rain for the snow that is coming our way? I just cannot get into my garden mojo this year - and I blame the weather. We get one really nice day (like today) and then 6 days of cold and cloudy. And of course the nice day falls on a work day. But I hope to get out at lunch for a walk. I am lucky, where I work is right near a river and a few parks are not too far away. There is a river walk too (unless its famously flooded) so one can wander down the walk enjoying the day. And if I am feeling really festive - I can head over to The Forks for a visit. Not sure if you have ever heard of The Forks - its a Winnipeg icon.

    Last night was the same for me. I flipped menu days as I was running out of time last night before puppy school. My pasta sauce dilemma has been thrown to Saturday when I can spend time in the kitchen. :) We had perogies and salad. Quick and easy! Tonight is meatballs with fried rice.

    Your pups must have had a grand time!!! Don't you just love the noises they make? I love it when our Tucker gets into a really deep sleep and he grunts and snorts - its hilarious. :)

    Have a great evening - stay cozy! :)

  2. Glad you can get out even if it is rainy. Hot and humid here but a breeze is going. One day you won't be able to find any snow!

  3. That's a sweet picture of you and Alex!

  4. You're such a happy couple. Thanks for commenting on my blog
    and following it.

  5. Love the picture of u as well as the one of the two of u. You guys look very happy.
    Your supper looks perfect to me. I love brie ... yum yum
    The good thing about the rain is that it washes the snow away. We have 10 cm of snow in the forecast for Monday and I would take the rain over the snow any day ;) but ... so far it is still nice and sunny, +16c today ... gotta take advantage of that before winter cones back ;)

  6. you two look so happy and that is all that matters! we are going to hit 90 degrees next weekend. how freaking weird is that.

  7. Jerry Lewis? Didn't realize there was anyone still alive besides me that remembered his shows. Glad things are going well up there.

  8. What a happy post today. Love it!

  9. I gotta say I think you two have managed to structure your lives in a way that works so well for you (and what could be better than that?!), and it's easy to see you are happy together. Loved seeing the pictures of the two of you. (You are one gorgeous red-head, m'dear!) And the dogs, too, of course!

    I had a big, fat crush on Jerry Lewis when I was growing up. (Hmmm, should we try to analyze that?) ;o)

  10. Thank you Dianna! :)) We are very much alike, I find my inner peace in the woods, and when Alex is with me, I feel even more connected to nature and to him and our life together. I feel it's a necessary thing to do once in a while!!

    I DO NOT WANT YOUR SNOW. Do I need to repeat that? So no Dianna, I know it's selfish, but I refuse to trade rain for snow!!! :) I have heard of the Forks, but I've never been west of Niagara Falls. One day Alex and I would love to take a road trip across the West up to Yukon actually. But that will be far into the future I think! :)

    I've never made perogies...I do like them though, I think? I have to look that up, I think they're similar to the Potatoes Verenekes that I make when we have our smoked meat night.

    I do love all the sounds the dogs make! And I love their smell, well, most of the smells lol...sometimes they can make some toxic odours lol...

  11. Hi Gill! :)) The snow is nearly gone! I'm so happy! I'm looking forward to hot and humid! :)

  12. Thanks John! :) I'm happy to follow your blog, your post on the Brooklyn Bridge was wonderful to see :)

  13. Hi Nik :)) Yes, we are in a great place! :) Brie and dip...who needs more? Oh gosh, I hope you don't get that snow, in fact, I've been ignoring the Weather Network, I hope it's not in our forecast too.

  14. Hi Joyce! :) I'm so jealous of your 90 degrees! And thanks, we are pretty happy together. :)

  15. Hi Harry! :)) Yes, Jerry Lewis! :) We are both big fans of old movies..."old" that could mean anything in the 1990's now...I should say "movies prior to 1970"!! Jerry Lewis makes me giggle incessantly. Yes, our snow finally melted! Good news. :)

  16. Thanks so much Mama Pea! :)) We really are happy and it took us a while to figure things out, but yes, we've found that structure that makes us both happy. :)'s funny you mention your crush because when we were watching "The Patsy" the other night, Alex asked me if I thought Jerry Lewis was good looking. I never think of goofy comedians as handsome and I had to think about it!!! But when he doesn't do his silly faces and voices, he's definitely hot to trot lol...I don't think further analysis is necessary lol! ;)

  17. What great photos of both of you! So glad you have found each other...I too like structure and living as self-sufficiently as makes me happy to know I have utilized what I have to the max and I also love to repurpose but then that makes me a 'hoarder' evidently because I save things but I'm not like the ones on t.v.....I'm an organized hoarder most days! LOL! The dogs are so cool and what a great pic of Marlene! I must admit I do not like 'wet dog' reminds of chicken coop smell....yuch! Take care!

  18. Lol Sam, I love that, an "organized hoarder"...I'm a little the same way! Maybe it's the prepper hidden inside of me! And thanks, I think that I needed to wait four decades to find the guy who was meant to be my soul mate :)) Gush! ;)


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