Saturday, April 29, 2017


Are you part of my club? Some nights I'm so exhausted by 9 pm that I need to start unwinding and I'm out like a light by 10 pm. But then inevitably around 3 am, I'm wide awake. Normally I wake up and can fall back asleep, but some nights I just lay there wondering for hours if I should just bite the bullet and get up or not.

I got up. And I baked bread. It's now 5 am and I need to figure out what to do next. All the pets are in my office with me but they're sleeping. I wish I had that gift they have of being able to fall asleep any time I want to! Alex is sleeping too, so I can't make all that much noise. I guess building a raised bed is out for now! :) But of course, I feel like I'm winding down again at the same time, I may have to nap with Jack on the couch for a few hours! 

Yesterday we treated ourselves to dinner. We have a nice restaurant in the next town that offers a huge "table d'hôte", mostly all the meals are under $10 with a soup, dessert and beverage included. It's cafeteria-style, you order at the counter and they give you a buzzer to let you know when it's ready and you just seat yourself. No big tips to worry about so it makes going there very affordable. Alex got the double burger and I got the fish and chips. I still like our homemade food better though, but it was nice to be out! :)

It looks like tomorrow and Sunday will be the only sunny days for the next week, so I'm going to get my seeds replanted this morning. The peat pots are just not working out for me! I'm going to replant what's in the peat pots into new plastic pots with more dirt so they retain the water better. I'm hoping I have better results this way!

I hope you're all sleeping soundly as I watch the sun come up! :)


  1. Good morning! :)

    May I be VP of your club? 3:12 this morning for me. Its every night for me which likely adds to my sleep deprivation. I have to be in bed by 9:30 on a work night - I get up at 5:00 as I start work at 6:45. But even if its a weekend it doesn't matter. I just don't get a full night's sleep so I fully understand how you feel today.

    I wish I could go back to sleep but for now - and add a puppy into the mix - I stay awake. If I am lucky I could catch 20 minutes of a cat nap, but that usually never happens. Sigh.

    The supper out looks yummy! The chips look perfectly delicious! Always a nice treat to go out but I too prefer home cooked - not to mention saving $$ :)

    I hope you can get your head back down for a bit of a snooze - and if not I hope the sun is shining and stays that way for you so you can get outside.

    I have boiled eggs for a potato salad for tomorrow's dinner and percolated some coffee - I need caffeine to keep me eyes open!

    We are -2 right now but they are promising 15 still! I will take it!


  2. Hi Dianna :) I'm just warning you though, the position of VP doesn't make a cent lol...there seem to be no benefits to the job either! :) I don't mind getting up at 6am, I like being up early, but this 3am nonsense is wearing thin on me! Naps work though! But I always wake up feeling kind of icky from a nap. Ah well...what can you do? I just make good with my time. I started FIVE pizza doughs this morning too so I have some for the freezer!

    It was very nice to go out for dinner, and that place is just so fun to go to, it's very 50's diner-style and we love it! Oh nice, potato salad! I made that a few weeks back to get rid of my potatoes! I could eat that every day! :) I hope you have a nice Saturday!!

  3. You may want to be careful about offering an open membership to your sleep-deprived club! You can sign me up, too. I'm just like you in that if I zonk out early because of bone tiredness, I wake at 1:30 or 2:00 or 3:00 and have a heckuva time falling back asleep. Unfortunately, my computer is here in our only bedroom so I can't get caught up on anything computer related, and my bunk mate is a light sleeper so I can't even do anything productive in the rest of the house. I shut two doors between us (that would be between me and Sleeping Beauty) and go into the living room to either read or watch a DVD. Both of which make me sleepy so that sometimes I can tip over on the couch and get a little more sleep. But it's not as good as being in my beddie-bye. Sometimes I think if I had a frontal lobotomy I would/could sleep the whole night through. :o/

  4. I wake up about then but is habit from having to put more wood in the stove but I go back to sleep. I haven't thought about making bread, maybe I will wake up the wife next time and see if she wants to go work in the kitchen a while. Maybe not, it might not end well.

  5. Hi Mama Pea :) I'm lucky that Alex is a heavy sleeper because the 6 pets get really loud once I'm up and they're up! But I still tiptoe around because I don't want to chance waking him. You know when you're trying so hard to be quiet you're even louder??? That was me this morning argh! Maybe just a partial lobotomy for me though :) I usually do internet stuff until it's a semi-reasonable time then I walk the dogs and start my day. But as I type this, nearly noon, I'm ready to go back to bed!

  6. HI Gill :)) I have a feeling your wife won't be craving bread at that hour either lol!

  7. Poppy has been very reliably waking up at 0300 for a drink or water or attention. Sadly, I am not so eager for either....

  8. Oooh, your bread looks wonderful and the pizzagetti is something I'd love to try :D
    I would think that maybe the peat is a little strong for seedlings, but that's the only thing I could think of. My herbs like to be a little drier than the other seedlings, or maybe, despite the plastic, yours are a little cold at night on the windowsill?

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, I'm afraid today I'm very low about the house not selling. I'm sacking my Agent and going elsewhere, so of course, I've been awake all hours of the night too.
    Big hugs to

  9. Hi TB :) We actually bought one of those desk sized fans, small one, that we put up in our bedroom and we keep it running all night for "white noise" because whenever Charlie moves around, she makes a heck of a noise. If we didn't have the fan going, we'd get woken up several times a night just from her shifting!

  10. Hi Yarrow! Oh, I'm so sorry about your house situation...I can't imagine selling a house, knowing that you're already on your way to France. This must keep you up at night.

    I think that sometimes it gets pretty cold by that window...but it's just weird how everything BUT the seeds in peat started to grow. I've ditched them today! NO MORE PEAT lol...

    If you try the Pizza-Ghetti, be prepared to sleep well after lol...very high starch meal! :)

    I hope things brighten up on the house front for you! xx

  11. OMG!!!! I was up exactly at 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning! Amazing! It doesn't happen too often but when it does I take it as a gift because I usually get so much more done and it doesn't seem to affect me during the day and I go to bed at the same time. Yes, so for me it is a gift and I did get a lot done that day! I live alone so no worry about waking anyone else which is rally nice. That meal looked delish...I should never visit your blog w hen I'm hungry! LOL! I'm off to make supper NOW! LOL! Yes, peat pots can be a pain.

  12. Hi Sam :)) I took advantage of the time too, I got a LOT done today. I'm still going at nearly 7pm, no naps yet, I guess I got my second wind!!

  13. I wish I could be like that but I'm sort of the opposite I guess. I can stay until 1am, 2am, and then go to bed. During the work week, I'll be up until midnight or 1am an then get up at 7:30am for work. On the weekend if I'm at the farm sleeping, it's different. I'll head to bed a bit earlier than normal and then I'm up earlier than normal. It's weird.

  14. Hi 1st Man :)) When I was working, I was the same, I'd be up until midnight then wake up at 5am the next day but as soon as I moved up to the mountains, I get tired much earlier! I guess it's the fresh air? We all seem a little sleep deprived don't we?

  15. What isnit about 3 am ... I wake up evey night around that. I never stay up tho. I go to the bathroom, have a drink, back to bed and eitjer fall back asleep or toss around for a while, usually with a song stuck in my head that I sing for a couple of hours ...
    I try to turn the light off at 11pm and get up at 6am ... napping would be such a treat sometimes byt I would have to go to a hotel for
    Your bread looks delicious !!!

  16. I've had the same problems for years then when my husband got full time work off the farm and I had to do so much more outside, I started sleeping better. I also started with the "golden milk" routine. A mix of our raw cows milk, coconut oil and turmeric powder with our own honey all warmed up together on the stove, well it really helps! Lots of versions of this on the web if you're interested. Or...just keep making bread. Yours looks fantastic!

  17. Hey Nik :)) For me, it happens when Alex comes to bed. Normally I can fall right back asleep but if something's been on my mind....that's it, I won't sleep another wink! I didn't end up napping yesterday, I actually got a second wind or something! But I fell asleep watching a movie just after 9pm, so my body told me what to do :) I did manage to sleep until a whopping 8AM this morning!!! Nearly 12 hours!!! :) Talk about beauty sleep, my skin looks better today and my stomach doesn't feel uppity either...sleep is so important!

  18. Hi Donna :) I never thought of turmeric in the warm milk. I usually just put honey in mine, and once in a while I'll actually steep some chamomile into the milk, it tastes nice. That does help me too, I should make it a habit. Oh and thanks! We'll never run out of bread if I'm a member of the 3am club lol!

  19. Do they sell Southern Comfort up there? I have problems sleeping, and when that happens I have a little Southern Comfort and it puts me right to sleep.

    If worse comes to worse, try some "Baptist Bourbon". That's Nyquil. They make a sleep aid that's pretty effective and non habit forming.

    But I like Southern Comfort better.....

  20. Hi Harry :)) LOL...I love that, "Baptist Bourbon"! I also prefer Southern Comfort! We do have some in our bar. Hard alcohol usually wakes me up though, well, if I have just a little. But when I drink red wine, that makes me sleepy. I should keep a little flask by the bed.


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