Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pizza-Ghetti, More Fog, Seedling Issues

The forecast says 19 Celcius and sunny...I think it's wrong. When I woke up we seemed to be in the clouds, it was so foggy out still. Maybe the sun will break through? Almost all of the snow has melted in the yard!

But there is still a lot of snow in the woods. I did manage to inch a little further in today though. We got to the "big boulder"...which means halfway through the trail. It was wet in there though. So unless things change, I won't be out in the yard today much either. Boo hoo.

I'm having issues with my seedlings. The beets and spinach that I planted, seemed to pop up really fast, but then they stalled and seemed to wilt away. I thought maybe they didn't like the peat pots. But you know, all of the herbs that I planted in the plastic and terra cotta pots are thriving.

I planted thyme four days ago and it's already sprouting up! My conclusion of today is that those peat pots are not holding enough water. It's true that they suck up the water a lot and even watering them daily, they seem bone dry each time I go near them - and not just on sunny days either.

So my poor woman's solution? Makeshift greenhouse. I cut up some freezer bags and draped them over the seedlings. I used push pins to secure one side to the shelf, so all I have to do is lift the bag over the shelf so I can water them without too much hassle. I'm hoping this will help retain some moisture...then again I could be WAY off on my little diagnosis! Time will tell!

Anyone a Jack Benny fan? Amazon sent me two of his biography by mistake and said to just keep it. I don't need two, so if you like Jack Benny and would like this copy, go to my sidebar and use my contact form to send me an email and let me know. I'll likely get to the post office next Tuesday.

I have parsley abundance issues too! Until my plants are harvest-worthy, I'm still buying it at the bulk market. This whole lot cost me a dollar. If I'd bought much less at the grocery store, it would have been triple the price and not so it's a hard decision, knowing it might be wasted. I'd hate for it to go into the compost bin, but I can't see myself using all this parsley in the next few weeks. I could toss it into the woods maybe, when I walk the dogs, I'm sure the critters might like that as a treat?

We love the taste in cooked food, but we're not big fans of it raw. Pesto came to mind, but that would be parsley overload for us. I already have bags in the freezer and a few big Mason jars that I dehydrated last summer...what do you do with your parsley? These will be bagged and refrigerated as is, they should keep well for 2-3 more weeks. I'm going to try to use as much as I can!

Now let's get to the good stuff! Yesterday I made a VERY time-intensive comfort meal: Pizza-Ghetti. Ever had it? It's a classic Quebec diner dish of pizza and spaghetti. That runny-ness from the spaghetti sauce is to sit your pizza in, so the crust gets all that yummy goodness. It's so delicious! I made everything but the pasta from scratch. Alex's spaghetti sauce has beef in it, mine is vegetarian. 

This is mine...I couldn't finish this at all! I ate the pizza, but half the spaghetti went into a Tupperware for leftovers. I went for a thicker pizza crust too, to make it more authentic. We make the pizza with ham, Mozzarella, green olives, tomatoes and green peppers. We have to take the green peppers off though because they make our insides catch fire! But having that green pepper taste makes the pizza so good. On a rainy, foggy day, this meal was so appropriate! A little red wine in a little diner-style glass and it was perfect! I think Alex had seconds for a midnight snack! We're going to have the leftovers for dinner tomorrow night. Tonight it'll be an easy Cesar salad and grilled cheese with bacon.


  1. You've piqued my curiosity . . . in your first picture, what are those paving stones laid out in the square (rectangle?)? Almost looks like the foundation for something?

    Boy, I am no one to give any advice regarding seedlings as I'm fighting battles of my own in that area. The first ones I started three weeks ago that didn't succumb to damping off have not grown one iota from two weeks ago. I lost all the broccoli and had really poor germination on the peppers so have replanted those this week. Don't know why I'm having this trouble this year.

    Even though I grow a lot of parsley in the garden every year, we can't begin to consume it all. I do use A LOT of it over winter dehydrated but using it fresh can be a challenge. Since you get it so reasonably priced I wouldn't feel bad about tossing that which you can't consume. Now if you had chickens, they would go bonkers over it!

    I've never heard of that pizza and spaghetti combo and have to confess it seems like it might be an overload of the same type of food for me. I'd love either one by itself though. I made pizza a couple of days ago and used green pepper from last season's garden as one of the toppings and, boy howdy, had it gotten STRONG (too strong!) in flavor. I've read that some things do develop a more pungent flavor after being frozen, but this was the first time I'd found it objectionable.

    Have a great day snuggled in. Our weather continues to make us put off any outside endeavors. But don't worry, I'll find something to do! ;o)

  2. U could use your parsley to make mouthwash or facewash. Pinterest has some receipes. I would just freeze it. Well no I would just give it to the chickens but in your case I would freeze it ;)
    I have had puzza with spaghetti sauce on it ... wich is really good. But never with spaghetti ...
    I hope your little greenhouse trick will help your seed babies :)

  3. ha! this is a new one for me...pizzaghetti. cool! i use a lot of parsley and what i don't use i dry. a lot of mine goes into chicken stock when i make it. green goddess dressing is a good use for it too.

  4. Boy oh boy everyone is getting some sort of bad weather! They are promising snow for us AGAIN tonight. Bah. So done with this. And now the wind is blowing a gale outside and even though the sun is shining its about 2 degrees only. Yucky.

    I am sorry I cannot help with the seedling problem. I am not one for doing seeds much anymore only because mine would never survive. They would go along like gangbusters and then just wilt and die. I think the creative greenhouse you have done is genius! I am sure they will perk up in no time. Keep us posted on this endeavor! My little jumble of herbs is coming along some better than others. I keep misting it and hope for the best. They are still at the stage where I have no clue what they are except the parsley. That's a no brainer!

    Speaking of your parsley - if I ever have excess I just dry it out and keep it jarred. I find the fresh stuff you dry yourself lasts much much longer than any store bought. Or you could get a guinea pig and feed them all the scraps :) I am totally helpful! :)

    Pizza-Ghetti eh? Sounds interesting! I am sure my husband would love that! I have to do thin crust pizza as I am not too fussy on thick crusts but I would try that for sure! Sounds like it would be a fun day in the kitchen creating that!

    Tonight I think will be pasta of some sort. I have an appointment right after work and will be late getting in and then add in puppy school tonight! No rest for the wicked....

    Have a lovely evening - I hope the fog lifts!

  5. How about making tabouli with all that parsley? I think its other main ingredients are tomatoes and onions. Vegetarian friends of ours love it.

  6. I would think some critters in the woods might enjoy the parsley, like deer. Maybe instead of buying it for a while, use up what you froze and dehydrated while it is still good. It won't last forever those two ways. Besides you like it best cooked.

    I love parsley, but not tons of it.

    Congrats on coming up with a solution for your seedlings. Quite creative of you.

  7. I would also freeze the parsley, in ice cubes. :)

  8. I've never had that combination of pizza with spaghetti on the same dish. I want to try it.

  9. Growing without a true greenhouse is indeed a challenge! I think you're doing very well.

    I would love to put green olives on my pizza! But Dan doesn't think they're edible. :)

  10. Hi Mama Pea :)) Oh yes, the Pizza-Ghetti is a VERY heavy meal, it's total comfort! :) That's interesting about the green pepper growing in strength! :) I'm looking forward to trying my home grown peppers this year to see if we can eat them.

    We had a great snuggly day yesterday! All pets with us on the bed and new sheets promptly before bedtime's shedding time for all of them it seems.

    The's not like I'm tossing it into the garbage, so I guess I shouldn't feel bad if it makes it to the composter. I'm just trying so hard to use everything! I have so much in the freezer, but I'm always drawn to the fresh stuff.

    That's really awful about your seedlings...that damping off is something I didn't even know about. I"ll be honest, I didn't even wash my pots from last year so I'm surprised mine didn't have some kind of problems too, I got lucky with those!

  11. Hi Nik :)) Oh, that's a great idea, the mouthwash! I just found a recipe online for that with some mint! Only thing, it uses vodka...I might omit that :) I don't think the peat pots are working for the seedlings... :(

  12. Hi Joyce :) I wish I had a better dehydrator for the parsley, but last year's is just taking up valuable shelf space at the moment!

  13. Hi Dianna :)) The fog is lifting and there is promise of 19 C and sun today, we shall see! I hope the little greenhouse works, I watered the peat pots again this morning and twice yesterday and again they were bone dry...I see a bit on condensation on the plastic, fingers crossed!!

    We made the Pizza-Ghetti with a thin crust once and didn't enjoy it as much because we both like diner-style food a lot, so the thicker one absorbs the spaghetti sauce more, but it would still be a nice combo. But be prepared for an after dinner walk's HEAVY. :)

  14. Hi Debra! :) I like tabbouleh, I never thought of that. I'm getting some good suggestions! :)

  15. Hi Tammie Lee :)) I think I'll end up giving it to the deer actually. I'm going to dry a little bit of it if my dehydrator doesn't conk out on me, it made a funny noise last time I used it. I really should use what's frozen, but I love fresh herbs when I'm cooking! :)

  16. Hi Snoskred :)) I used to freeze all of my herbs in ice cubes too! Can you imagine how many ice cubes it would take for that pile of parsley???

  17. Hi John :)) It's a great combo and really delicious, especially if you can get that restaurant style crust for the pizza!

  18. Hi Leigh :)) Thanks so much, I'm trying hard to succeed at the garden this year, I'm putting a lot of time and care into it. Oh my gosh, Dan is funny, I love all sorts of olives!!! :))

  19. Oh, I forgot to answer your question Mama Pea. That tiled area was like that when we moved in back in 2015. The owner said it was something a tenant did for a type of outdoor patio. Apparently they had a screened in tent there and a barbecue area. At one point it looks like it was surrounded by raised beds of some kind but the wood is all rotted now, though there are flowers that grow there. We put the bird feeder there when we moved in, but I honestly find the area completely useless. The bugs are too bad to sit outside without something screened in, so unless we had a type of gazebo with netting, we can't use it. I would much rather have it all grass so the dogs can roam around there too!

  20. I use old clear plastic yogurt pots as mini greenhouses over plant pots and they seem to work well.I always get a mixture of success and failure with seed sowing, I think because I'm always so hasty to get things going. The seeds then either rot or come up and say, 'Whaa, it's cold' before they wither and die! I've got lots of things in pots that are in dire need of being planted out but it is far too cold at the moment. Frosty nights, all the tips of my potato leaves have been frost bitten. :-(

  21. Hi Rosemary :)) I'm trying to be patient! It's hard to wait because of such a long winter we had. But all those the seeds I planted say to start them indoors 6 weeks before the first frost, which I did...hmmm...

  22. Well, my girl, you are on top of things! It was partially sunny on my side of the mountain this morning and, by the time I was halfway up the mountain on my way to work, a thick blanket of fog dropped down on me and stayed almost all the way to the city! I usually over-winter my parsley and it lasted right up until a few days ago - when I discovered some foamy bug housing that I did NOT want spreading to my other plants. It is now compost. Nothing that is composted or that becomes chicken food is wasted, IMHO. Pizza+spaghetti? Be still my heart! Another reason to love Canada!!!

  23. Hi Susan :)) Lol...yeah, pizza + spaghetti...we have to be careful not to eat it too much because it's just so good but so fattening!!! I tried to keep my parsley over the winter too but it died by December. I guess the window was a little too cold for it. You're right, it's not wasted if I compost it...we don't have a super duper compost complex like you do though! I don't want to start building one because we're leaving in a few years, but we do have the village composter that we use. They offer free compost in May to residents, so we're benefiting that way! :)


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