Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Day Outdoors and Happy Easter!

It was such a nice Saturday, the sun was out and it hit 20C! I mentioned in yesterday's post that I brought my easel outside and painted Charlie. Now I have Marlene and the three cats to do next. I love having paintings of the pets! :) It's helping me with my detail work too because just last year I wouldn't go near any type of portrait, just out of feelings of insecurity and all that silliness!

I took advantage of the ground being less frozen and decided to try to dig a ditch to help the driveway a little bit. We don't have to go out for another few days so I hope my little diy drainage system works. I'll have to fill part of this again when it's time to drive out. There is a lot of rock under this driveway and I need to help the water along a little bit in some places because I couldn't get the ditch deep enough. I had my broom out, "sweeping" the water to get it going again. I must have given the neighbours a good chuckle.

The dogs had a great time out in the yard, sniffing and digging and playing fetch. Jack decided at one point, he wanted a nap on the comfy the non-verbal communications began again. "Jack, what do you want?"

When I asked him again, I got the "are you serious?" look!

I knew the weather was going to change, so I spent a good portion of my day outside, 11 hours!

Still lots of snow on the ground though.

And this morning, it's rain, mild temperatures and fog. I hope most of this snow is gone by tomorrow!

Last night we had leftovers, but on Friday I made my Papas Fritas. We have potatoes that need to be eaten so there will be lots of potatoes with dinner for the next few days!

For dessert, I made my version of English Trifle. I'm a romantic at heart! Friday Alex and I celebrated 4 years and 1 month. :) I sounds a little silly, but I like to make the 14th of each month special. I guess it's because my first forty years or so were so painful and difficult, I'm not taking a moment for granted now!

Speaking of making special memories, I was finally able to dig out the Easter chocolates that I bought at the beginning of March on my last shopping day! I made these little baskets from construction paper. I found a video on How to Make a Woven Easter Basket on You Tube. Oscar the cat already disassembled one of them while I was happily doting over my window garden. I got it looking good again though! Alex and I are on different sleep schedules, he's more of a night owl, so when he wakes up, he'll have a nice surprise! I have a chicken brining and we're going to have a nice chicken dinner with roasted veggies and stuffing. Happy Easter to those who celebrate! :))


  1. We have a long driveway and had lots of trouble as it is on a hill. I finally made a hump ( they call it a crown) in the middle and the water drains to the sides and into ditches. Of course it can't be plowed with a flat blade but it has eliminated so many mud problems that it is worth shoveling snow by hand since we don't get heavy snow but a time or two per year. I doubt your landlord will want to do that but it gets the water to the sides.

  2. That's a pretty good idea Gill. But you are right, unless it's a dire dreadful emergency, our landlord is kind of all lip service. I almost feel like a hypocrite when I call him and ask him to help out. I can't complain too much because I have had a nosy landlord in the past who used to just drop by without notice any least this one leaves us in peace. When I was digging, I saw the remnants of a big tube...I'm guessing someone at some point put a drain in there. We only have a few more winters here, but every year it's such a hassle. If I can figure out the worst part of it, maybe the crown would work in this case.

  3. Gill, is this the idea: Driveway Crown? Do you think it would work if I built up a crown of dirt and sod for now?

  4. Hi Rain, happy Easter to you and Alex! :)

    I have been baking and cooking since yesterday - we are having a BBQ for easter. I made paska today - started last night with an overnight dough. It turned out pretty decent, I shared one with our neighbors.

    The morning turned out nice but now its cloudy. What a bummer. We had quite a nice day yesterday and that seems the way it goes, one nice one not so nice.

    I hope your driveway dries up nicely and quickly - that's too bad that your landlord can't get a bit of stone or something to throw down. Quite the hassle, especially if you are going to get stuck. Landlords these days are incredibly lazy - my son has one that is utterly ridiculous. He's looking for a new place to live...

    I hope the sun comes out for you and that you both enjoyed your easter treats! :)

    I am going to try your papas fritas likely tomorrow once I complete my menu. I even bought monterey jack cheese :) It looks so good - lovely comfort food!

    Well, off to assemble my strawberry shortcake - have a good Sunday!

  5. Thanks, to you too Dianna! :)
    I had to look up "paska", I'd never heard of it but it looks delicious! The Papas Fritas are so good...I never get tired of them. I hope you like them too! Strawberry shortcake sounds so good, I wish I had more strawberries!!

    Yes, our landlord...I think it's more the exception if you have a good one. I can't wait to stop renting Dianna...I'm 49 and it really weighs me down...I want to own a property. Even if I had a muddy driveway, it would be MINE and I could try to do something myself instead of having to rely on him to do it. I don't mind the work, but I can't afford all sorts of supplies, I feel like I need to beg just to have a decent driveway, but once again, I'm making the best of it!

    It is POURING. I can see the big drops coming down, I don't think I'll see the sun before tomorrow!! Hope you have a great dinner!

  6. 20C!!!! It was -2 here yesterday and snowing like a sonovagun. Your Easter baskets are cute! My Rare One and I celebrate our anniversaries monthly too and for roughly the same reason -- we were middle-aged when we met so we're making up for lost time!

  7. Hi Debra :)) -2, eek. I don't want to see that digit again, that's for sure. And that's perfectly said, I'm making up for lost time too. :)

  8. We had snow today ... +20 c yesterday + 5 today ... and snow. Happy easter you two :)

  9. Hope you have a nice Easter Nik :)) At least the snow melts quickly this time of year!

  10. Easter Day winding down here. Daughter and Gilligan were here for the day. And what a treat, my dear daughter did most of the cooking of the meal. I just made the salad and dessert. Went for a short walk (rather brisk out there!) after we ate and then had Family Reading Night for a closing to the day. Very, very nice.

    How was our weather? Great, big, fluffy snowflakes falling on and off all day. But no accumulation so that was okay. More not-so-nice weather forecast until Wednesday, then sun for the end of the week.

    I'm re-reading The Cozy Life for the second time trying to assimilate it all. Like you, I find I'm already doing much of what it suggests but want to make sure I don't miss anything. I want a cozy life!! :o)

  11. This was our first Easter to only have one kiddo home, and we made plans for felling trees. Our meal was quite different, and there were no Easter baskets this year.

  12. You are something else! I love those baskets! That driveway looks like trouble - can you park closer to the road when it gets that muddy, so you won't get stuck? I swear that Jack has the most expressive eyes I've ever seen on a dog (outside of my dear Scrappy Doo). Who needs words?

  13. Hi Mama Pea :)) That is a nice treat to have someone cook for you! I'm hoping that will happen tomorrow (it's big shopping day for me tomorrow and I'm dropping hints!)

    I know what you mean, all I want is cozy, no matter the weather, but especially during cold weather. It's funny to read that most people are already doing a lot of the cozy life suggestions. It makes you realize how comfy life is already, but I do believe there is always room for more!

  14. Hi Kristina :) I need some kind of chocolate on's just an excuse for me, since I don't really buy it that often!

  15. Hi Susan :)) Yeah, the driveway...I'm attempting exit tomorrow morning. I actually did try to park at the end, but the car is so long that it's butt sticks out on the street. I tried horizontal parking, but we have ditches on either side of the driveway and I just couldn't comfortably fit. Our neighour said I could park in his driveway, concrete, sigh...I'm jealous! But I kind of like having the car closeby, I know I'm stubborn! I knew you'd like the photo of Jack :))


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