Thursday, March 9, 2017

Skies, Saltimbocca and Sundaes!

Every time we go out and it's not too long a journey, we like to bring the dogs with us. One time, my boyfriend went in to the post office and Jack lamented the entire time!

One of the reasons we think he's part hound is because he howls! He was howling for "daddy" to come back to the car! When we first got Jack, we figured he was a Cocker Spaniel, but he's showing signs of hound and maybe pointer too. He's a good "sniffer" and he points his tail when he sees little critters in the woods. Having dogs brings so much joy to our lives!

My eggshell collection is getting out of hand lol...I'm keeping them all for the garden. I have to remember to crush them up and put them in the storage container once in a while!

Last night's dinner was Chicken Saltimbocca with a side Cesar salad. The recipe is from my Williams Sonoma "Chicken" cookbook. I always go to their recipe site as well to see if I can find the same recipe online, just to read the comments. "Saltimbocca" means "leaps into the mouth" in Italian, or so I have read! And this dish does the same! Yum yum! The chicken breasts are pounded down to a thin size, floured and gently fried in butter and olive oil, then topped with Prosciutto, chives and Mozzarella (the original recipe calls for sage, but I didn't have any fresh). I put it under the broiler to brown the cheese then top it with more chives. It's so tasty!

And because I couldn't leave healthy-enough alone...I suggested Sundaes for dessert!!

Mine was vanilla ice cream with a mix of caramel and chocolate sauce. For my boyfriend, I made his with some Nutella, broken up sugar cones and sweet dark cherries. Bugs Bunny and Sundaes...can't beat that!! We're so spoiled!

I wanted some fresh air last night so I took my camera out for photos of the night sky. Here's the waxing moon around 9 pm. I was lazy and didn't bring the tripod out - which you really need for good night photography.

What looks like another picture of the moon is actually Sirius, the Dog Star and brightest star in the night sky. I can't be 100% sure, but according to all of my astronomy sites, I believe this is it!

I ventured out behind the house into the woods, but I didn't get very far...ever feel like something is watching you??? My wild imagination creeped me out too much so I hurried back to the safety of the porch lol...

When I woke up this morning, there was a blizzard happening...we definitely got that wind everyone is talking about lately!

This is out my office window towards the street, you can't even see the duplex across the road! White out. I guess it's a good day to tackle the huge laundry pile, and maybe do some painting!


  1. Hi Rain! I am a new follower from Manitoba! :)

    I LOVE your blog!!!!

    You must be getting the blizzard we had Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay warm!

    Looking forward to more fantastic posts :)


  2. Oh no. I see our blizzard made it all the way to your house. Its sunny today but still cold with windchills in the -30s. I love the shot through the branches. I noticed last night how bright it was outside and spent some time myself watching the moon.
    Jack is just the cutest thing :)
    I wouldn't mind a sundae like that right now...although I still can't taste anything ... so maybe I'll better wait ;)

  3. Hi Dianna! :) Thank you for your comment :) I know some parts of Manitoba get LOTS of cold weather and snow, I hope your area isn't too nasty this time of year! The blizzard came and went in less than an hour actually, now it's sunny again, go figure! :)

  4. Hi Nik :) We never got the wind chills like you thankfully. High winds, but everything is still hovering around zero. Well, you know Jack is my main man lol so I never miss an opportunity to show him off...:)

  5. Stop, stop, stop with those pictures of that delicious food! I'd LOVE a caramel sundae right now . . . oh, help me, please.

    So funny seeing Jack "howling" about missing his master. Dogs! Try to figure them out!

    Loved the pictures of your blizzard. We haven't had a really good snowfall all winter. I know it's still a possibility for us . . . and I'm hoping. Love it when the snow comes down really hard.

    A good day to do some painting? Like paint a wall or paint a picture? Do you have those kind of artistic talents, too???

  6. Oh Mama Pea...have the Sundae!!! Eat and enjoy! You look too skinny. :) The blizzard didn't last too long I'm glad about that because the last time we had a little windstorm a tree came right through our window. It scared the bleep out of us! Yes, I paint :) I can't draw, however, I think I'm pretty good with a paintbrush on canvas! :)

  7. I really would have the sundae tonight for dessert . . . but I don't have any caramel sauce! (Waaaah!) Funny we should be talking about it 'cause I tried making some homemade caramel sauce just last week. It didn't look too bad until I drizzled it over the ice cream where it immediately turned to STONE. It was so hard I was afraid I would damage a tooth if I tried to eat it. I scraped all the "caramel" out and tossed it in the garbage and ate the vanilla ice cream. While pouting.

    How do you know I'm too skinny? (I'd describe my figure as big at the little and bottom at the top.) ;o]

    Now I want to see some of your art work. Okay? Okay, let's see it.

  8. Ha ha ha..."eat eat, you're skin and bones"...that's MY motto when it comes to Sundaes so why not ASS-ume it's everyone else's? ;) I know, I'm a bad influence lol!

    Oh gosh I know what you mean about the homemade caramel sauce. I did try it once and the same deal, hard as a rock! And I was definitely pouting as I chiseled away at it. I have bottled stuff now, Hershey's. It's kind of tinny to the taste (ick) but I try to ignore it because I just love caramel. I'm sure I could slather the ice cream with maple syrup too, that with chocolate...mmm! Well, thank you Mama Pea for the encouragement. If I have the nerve, I'll post my paintings tomorrow! :)

  9. Looking forward to your post tomorrow . . . if you have the nerve. And I surely hope you do!

  10. Jack almost looks like a basset in the first picture - love the pic with him howling! He's adorable! Oh, your food looks so completely amazing. And Bugs Bunny, too? He is my favorite cartoon character. Must be the sarcasm... :) I would rather have caramel than chocolate any day. I would love to see your paintings, too. Maybe it will be the kick in the behind to get my art life restarted.

  11. Hi Susan :) Yes, I see Basset Hound in Jack sometimes, and Beagle other times lol...I love Bugs because he's very sarcastic too, and because he kisses Elmer Fudd so many times just to get his temper flaring even more hee hee... the trouble maker! :) Okay, I'm going to post my paintings, thanks Susan too for your encouragement!!!

  12. When I had my farm I used to love a good blizzard! And even afterwards it was so beautiful but before long there were the snow mobiles disturbing the peace and the perfect white landscape with their tracks....oh, well....if I got sick during a blizzard I guess I would be very grateful for a snow mobile when regular vehicles couldn't get through! LOL! Enjoy!
    Oh, I have fresh sage but no proscuitto....if we were neighbors we could swap! I may have to add that to my Amazon/online shopping list...and the sundaes....I love ice cream but it is only a special treat now and again for me in order to keep the doc happy and me healthy! LOL!

  13. Hi Sam :) How I'd love to be neighbours with my blogger friends...I don't do well meeting people in real life, but everyone I've met on blogger has been wonderful! I'm actually freezing my prosciut' for the first time because we're going to try it on a pizza in a few weeks. I've read it's not good for freezer, but I'm trying anyway. If it does work for cooking, I'll get tons of the stuff!! Love it! I do have frozen sage...I need a better window herb garden for the winter.

    I have to say, those snowmobiles are a nuisance. If they would JUST STICK TO THE TRAILS...but they rev and shoot up and down the roads around here. There is no police in the sticks and all...and I think most people know it and try to get away with what they can. But then, it's the quads in the summer. I think my bf and I will have a real challenge trying to find a super quiet place to live in nature, away from people, but also away from loud machines!


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