Friday, March 31, 2017


Let's get some business over with first...of all my complaining lately, did I even tell you guys about the stale Kit Kats that I bought after Christmas? I can't keep track anymore of all the crappy stuff, complaining process, returns, hassles and finally refunds and coupons....anyway, Kit Kat sent me a coupon for $10 to 'enjoy' their product. I didn't expect that much, but I am grateful. :) Oh, the burned cheese nips? No response yet and I re-emailed the same complaint this morning.

So..yesterday I was talking about a shift in our philosophy towards purchases. Alex and I had to go out this morning and on the way back, we discovered a local store that sold kitchen supplies. The owner has been in the business 60 years, taking over his father's door-to-door "chaudron" (pot) business. He told us the history of fondue pots and the manufacturers here in Quebec. He also had one of these gorgeous enamel fondue pots left that he got as overstock and offered us a 40% discount. I think we were in that store a good 45 minutes before we decided it was worth the expense. This is quality! The pot is pretty heavy and the base is cast iron...and even though it means we have to cut down a few other expenses now, we are so proud of our purchase! And this is exactly the type of store we want to invest our money in.

Of course, this is the perfect opportunity for me to make one of the fondues from my new cookbook tonight! :) I was telling Alex about the Hygge and the Danish way of being cozy and he said that we need to find a way to have cheese fondue in bed lol...I don't think we'll every accomplish that but it's a nice cozy idea!

Speaking of cozy and comfort, I read through this book yesterday. It was a fun little book to read, and I admit I skimmed through some of the longer paragraphs that focused only on statistics. The whole concept, in a nutshell, is to make your life cozy with dim lighting (mostly candlelight), cozy nooks with lots of blankets and pillows, comfort food, warm beverages, a fire burning, time with loved ones and pets...and anything else you deem cozy.

Personally I found the focus on social interaction as a precursor to happiness to be a little off topic for me. I'm a self-admitted hermit and anti-social homebody. Alex is the same way. Society and social interactions actually have the opposite effect for us - we become mentally exhausted and stressed out. We much prefer quiet time with just the two of us and the pets around us. Maybe that's why I got through the book so quickly, I just skipped over those parts. But all in all, it's a wonderful concept and I have realized that I am already hygge-filled in my life! Everything I do is to create comfort for myself and Alex. I'm still going to read the other book I got "The Cozy Life" to see if there is anything different in there!

I used the last of the fresh tomatoes and lettuce to make BLT's yesterday for lunch, well, BLTC's since we add Cheddar. :)

I wanted to use up the leftover roast beef so I cubed it all up and made Alex a shepherd's pie. For me, I baked a chicken breast in barbecue was such a comfort meal! :)

We stopped by the pet store to buy more bones for the dogs. Charlie looks crazy looking at me while she's chewing! If the dogs don't get a good solid chew each day, we find they get restless and antsy so I always have a "bone budget" for the winters. During the summer, they don't need as much because they're more active like us! :) 

Speaking of dogs, Alex is putting together a file for the next town meeting with regards to the loose dog and feral cat problem here. He spoke to our neighbour and they're forming a team to speak to the mayor. We heard some disturbing things about the condition of the canine control inspector's premises, the lady who is contracted out to this town. Apparently it's borderline neglectful, the stories were horrible and heartbreaking...we can't just look the other way. Ironically, we heard similar stories from two strangers we interacted with today, so we feel they must be at least close to being truthful. Alex knows that my mental health can't take too much of the stress so he's going to do all the talking and petitioning, but he definitely has my full support. We're actually going to do some investigating before mid-April's town meeting by visiting her premises. She doesn't know us by'll be like those private investigators in the movies lol. I'll be posting about this issue now and then! 

It's been a long day for us already, so Alex made us each our favourite version of an Old Fashioned and we are off to watch a few movies before the cheese fondue! I hope we don't lose power, the storm has just begun.


  1. I've been looking for some long lasting dog chews, how do those last? My crew of a chocolate lab, golden retriever, beagle and yorkie mix get VERY antsy in the house and I find that dog chews help. Elk antlers work okay (bought on Amazon) but are very expensive. The ones that you show in the picture, do they hold up well? I worry about chokable pieces with some types.

  2. Hi Lisa :))

    Honestly, when I had pugs, I would buy them the same time of bone, the hard-pressed rawhides; but one of my pugs ALWAYS tried to swallow the big pieces and it scared the bleep out of me one day when I had to plunge my hand down his throat to pull it out, but I've learned to never buy small ones....The ones I buy now are the extra large ones, they're about $10 but I get a pack of 5 for $35 at the local pet store. The huskies are okay with them because they chew very well and they will spit out big pieces, then chew them etc until they're digestible...but my little Jack? He'll swallow one out of fear that one of the other two will get at it so he only gets the bones supervised. They do have pieces that come off but very generally speaking I like these ones. But again, I get the biggest ones possible and when they get down to a "swallowable" size, I toss them out. Our vet told us chewing is a great way for a dog to relieve stress.

    We have a deer antler that we bought last summer, omg yes, they are expensive. It was a half antler for $40. Eeek. Right after they chewed the marrow out of the center, they didn't want anything to do with it anymore, I still have it intact!

  3. Thank you for reminding me to search the local catalogues for kit kat dark on special, I meant to do that yesterday. We have been enjoying a serving of it with afternoon coffee for a few weeks now after I bought some bars on half price special. ;)

    1. Hi Snoskred! :) That's a nice afternoon snack, though I have to be careful, I eat them mindlessly and could easily go through a few bars in one sitting :)

  4. hmmm...i wrote a comment and it wouldn't post. you can also use your fondue pot to make shabu shabu which is wonderful and then you will get more use out of it!

    1. Hi Joyce :)) Thanks for the suggestion! Btw, I was having issues posting comments yesterday myself. I guess Blogger freaks out now and then lol...

  5. Good for you on your persistence with the 'bad' products! We are definitely 'comfort sisters' as that is the only thing about hygge I don't agree with either. That is why I am a recluse as it seems everywhere I go people are complaining or criticizing others and these people where I live are retired and pretty well, if they're not happy here with their big houses on the lake and their golf courses and boats.....what exactly would make them happy? I have none of that but I am WAY happier than they are and this town is so political you'd think it was D.C. LOL! They are big fish in a little sea....crazy! Like a friend of mine used to say..."they're all nuts"!
    Good for you and Alex sticking up for those who can't speak for themselves....the animals. We had problems here with our Animal Control person too but it has since been resolved. You ARE making a difference! It is BLT weather...another favorite of mine. You could put the fondue pot on a tray and take it to bed. My bedroom is really my living room as it is where I crash at the end of the day. I only have 1 t.v. and it's in the bedroom so that is where the girls and I go to kick back at the end of the day. I am not social except on the blogs where I get to choose who I hang out with! It's great! I hope you keep power and enjoy your evening and your weekend! Hugs~Sam

    1. Hi Sam :)) I'm with you, I'm extremeley happy living my simple life here and celebrating the purchase of a good quality fondue pot! Lol...there is an area in this town where the really rich people live, mostly by the lake, and the amount of "stuff" they of the ladies continually complained about this and that...YOU have it all Madame, why complain??? Anyway, I stopped chatting with her when I saw her because she kind of brought me down with the ship at times. I really feel people's negativity inwards and I try my best to avoid it.

      I'm not social except on blogs as well! I've met nicer people here than in real life. And thanks, we have big hearts when it comes to animals. You can't save them all, but we hope to at least stop this woman from renewing her contract with the village so that the SPCA can take over, which they are doing village by village in this area. The SPCA is a non-euthanizing organization up north and they take care of feral cats too, which the current woman doesn't even consider.

  6. Love the looks of your new fondue pot! I'm gonna have to remember to go dig in our storage shed to see if we still have ours or if I gave it away. Fondue sounds so good. Will be even better come next fall and winter!

    Thank you for the "hygge" book review. I wrote down the info for both the books you talked about and was going to order them from the library. Now I think I'll wait to see what you have to say about "The Cozy Life" before searching them out. :o)

    Papa Pea and I are much like you and Alex are. Nearly every time we do get "social" we wonder why we did it. I think it comes from enjoying each other's company and being happy with our particular life. That and we're both introverts. But remember being an introvert isn't a bad thing. (I once thought so.) The difference between an extrovert and an introvert is that the extrovert gets re-energized and fulfillment from being with lots of other people. An introvert gets the same thing by being alone or with a partner/mate.

    It's easy to tell you make a big hit with your dogs by providing those "bones" for them. Question: How do you keep their beds and rugs always looking so clean?! They look brand new each time you photograph them!

    That is so bad about the canine control inspector's premises being in (possibly) despicable condition. We have a lady in our community that does a wonderful job in that capacity for which we're very grateful and appeciative.

    You've got yet another snow storm headed your way? I do believe your area gets more snow than any other I've heard of. Snow lovers that we are maybe we should move by you?!

    1. Hi Mama Pea :)) I'm very much an introvert, as is Alex. I remember the stigma it had when I was younger, I was referred to as all sorts of things including "loner", "socially awkward", and even a "snob" by some neighbours who kept asking me to come over for parties and I kept delicately declining their invitation. I figured if I told them I prefer time alone and I'm not very social, they'd get it...but they didn't, I was just a "snob". Whatever! I've found my best friend in Alex and we are so much alike, we really don't need anyone else.

      I also think there is a lot of pressure put on people to be actively part of society. We're brought up a certain way, at least that's my experience. Even Alex told me that until he met me, he figured he'd meet a girl, have a family, work a 9-5 and be miserable...but when we got together, we both knew we could really live the life we wanted if we chose to simplify and not worry about what anyone else thought of us. It's working and we're both pretty happy, pretty hygge too! :)

      Oh, the dog bedding? MUST be camera tricks lol...I only wash them once a week! They do get dirtier in the spring and summer though, one thing I can say for snow is that it washed doggie feet when they've been outside! The snow is still falling, it's really beautiful, and I do love it, and all!!! :) We're only living here another few years, we'll likely end up in the Maritimes where the weather (in the spots we're considering) is a wee bit milder.

  7. The fondue will go good with some of your bread that you make. I haven't had fondue in 30+ years, it was once the big thing then disappeared for some reason. Sometimes I see the sets for sale at yard sales for a few dollars. Maybe I will get one next time I see it, of course it may be better with snow outside.

    1. Hi Gill :) The fondue was amazing!!! I remember it being very popular in the 80's, actually there were lots of fondue restaurants opening up in Montreal at that time. We've been looking at yard sales and thrift shops for one, but never had any luck, so we went for it! And yes, it was very nice to eat fondue with the snow falling!!

  8. Hi Rain, I am in catch up mode! I think it is worthwhile sending complaints to companies. This is good for quality control in my opinion. But in the same breath it is sad that we have to complain at all. My last complaint with the bugs in my lettuce has captured me some coupons coming my way. It lovely all the same, but once bitten twice shy!

    Both my husband and I are the same - we are homebodies and do not really like huge gatherings or large crowds. I am happy spending my time with my animals at home. I always joke that one day I will get my very own Walden - and I hope that joke comes true but for now we are stuck in the suburbs. Yuck. Noisy neighbors all around except for one side.

    I really need to see if I can get a fondue pot and make a fondue. I think a cheese one would be my first choice. I LOVE cheese :)

    I hope it has stopped snowing. I have a friend about an hour north of Gatineau and she said yesterday that it was just starting at around 4 p.m. her time. We are cloudy and cool today but I would say that 98% of our snow is gone. That doesn't mean it won't come back. Its the prairies after all!

    I found that the only bones my 3 can chew are the water buffalo horns or the femur bones. The rest are gone in a matter of minutes. Especially Karma with her mastiff jaw...that girl has one powerful chew! :)

    Off to read today's post!

    1. Hi Dianna :) I know what you mean about twice shy...I don't know if I could buy lettuce from that company again if I found some residents in it are nice, and we're thankful and all that...but still, it just seems too easy for the companies to get away with poor quality.

      Ah yes, Walden...I'm almost close to my own Walden here except for the neighbours, who I kind of block out anyway when I can! I lived in the suburbs of Montreal for a while and it was bliss compared to the city, but now that I've been up north, I couldn't go back ever! I hope you find your Walden soon! Do you have a time frame?

      Our Marlene is like your Karma...for a husky/shepherd mix, she really bite down on those bones, I need to stop her and tell her to take it easy now and then lol...


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