Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Walk In The Snowy Woods

Yesterday's snow didn't stop us from taking the dogs out together. We found a solution - hopefully - for being able to walk the dogs (and us!) safely. If we drive maybe 3 minutes to the other side of the river, there is a quiet area with snowmobile trails. There are four houses in that area and one of the streets has no houses and no traffic. We wouldn't go there on weekends, too dangerous with the snowmobiles, but during the week we can go. We just parked the car on the side of the road and went into the woods. Driving to walk kind of feels like defeating the purpose doesn't it? But just a three minute drive helps us avoid the main area of the village where all the problem dogs are, we felt a lot safer and less stressed about having them out with us. Here I am with my little man Jack. It was mild enough that he didn't need his booties. :)

Alex always takes the girls. The trail was so wonderful, it was snowing and quiet, no motors running, no loud tourists yelling...and lots of rabbit tracks for the dogs to sniff and enjoy! Our walk was about half an hour yesterday. This is an area we can go to often. I went in there a lot last summer, so I think we found our spot! I hope!

I'm still trying to find my energy though. Anxiety is debilitating and just that half hour walk in the woods winded me. Thank you frozen pizzas! :) The pizzas I froze a few weeks back were the perfect solution for dinner! I have to make a few more today.

We stopped by the mail boxes on the way home and look! Another cookbook for me! I'm spoiled. :) Alex says, yes he spoils me, but he also benefits so it's a win-win situation lol...This is a great cookbook for little appetizers, I can't wait to try some!

It's Saturday morning and this is the backyard. Freshly fallen snow and the sun is out! I'm starting to feel that hope again that everything will be okay and I can conquer my anxiety!

I had no attacks yesterday so I'm really feeling great today. There is a flower remedy called Rescue Remedy. I took that years ago and it helped with panic a lot. I started using it about 3 weeks ago, and Alex mentioned that it was around that time when the attacks got continually worse. I didn't have any Rescue Remedy yesterday, nor any attacks...coincidence? I'm not going to take it anymore so we'll see. I also added a B-Complex to my mornings and I'm now up to 45 minutes on the mini-trampoline, jogging away each morning. 

The photos look so serene, but the reality is this: It's the weekend. Last night when we took the dogs out before bed, all we could hear was a giggling-gaggle-of-girls partying next door. We're guessing the parents let the kids have the place for the weekend, ick. And until 3am we heard some kind of snowmobile race going on, it's so annoying. But that's just me venting. One more day and then we have our quiet home and village again for another five days! 

Time for some real pet pride:
Blue-Eyed Marlene

Happy Jack

Leo and Charlie - Leo WANTS to be taller!
I love this photo of Leo and's so cute. I'm SO proud of the dogs today. I must sing the praises of the DREMEL for filing doggie nails. I decided on a whim to try filing their nails again this morning. I was a bit worried that Jack might start his aggression and growling again but I was very surprised! FIVE MINUTES later, all three dogs were done!!!!! The huskies laid back on their sides while I filed their nails - I guess the girls enjoyed the pedicure, I would too :)... and Jack is my biggest source of pride today. He let me file his nails with only a little grumbling and NO MUZZLE. I never thought that trimming their nails would be a pleasure, I couldn't stop giving them treats after lol...anyone with dogs who wants to save some money and make the task easier, seriously, try it! I'm very excited about this because I've been trimming dog nails since 1995 and I seriously never looked forward to it...I wish I'd tried the Dremel sooner! I feel like a spokesperson lol...but this has saved me so much stress too. 


  1. Looks nice even with all the snow, nice to get out in the woods without a bunch of yahoos running around. I made the bridges here too narrow for their 4 wheel ATVs and they don't like to walk so it is quiet in these woods.

  2. Hi Gill :) That's a good idea bout the bridges being narrow. I admit that where I'd usually pick up and toss aside big branches I find on walking trails, I just stepped over them yesterday. I don't mind snowmobiles, but like you said, it's the yahoos driving them who ruin it for everyone. But it was very nice being there yesterday, so quiet and peaceful as the snow fell.

  3. It looks like you live in such a heavenly spot . . . but that's all spoiled by having inconsiderate neighbors, the snowmobile traffic, etc. At least the snowmobilers (and parties, I hope) go away on the week days which you can enjoy. I wouldn't hesitate to take the short drive to where you can safely walk the dogs and get exercise yourself. It's well worth it!

    I know anxiety (or depression) can take the physical stuffings out of a person. Depression is bad enough but I think anxiety is worse in that one feels so out of control. And that's scary. As much as it doesn't feel good 'cause you don't have the energy, I tend to feel getting outside in the fresh air (don't breath any snowmobile exhaust!) for exercise is still good.

    Rescue Remedy has worked for me in many situations, but eliminating it for a while (and then maybe adding it back in later?) isn't going to hurt anything. Sometimes I think the ugly-buglies that get hold of us are stronger than anyone realizes. That's not to say we can't keep fighting them for all we're worth!

    You use a rebounder! My dear husband does also every day. It's supposed to be (among other things) very, very good for the lymph system. Keeping my lymph flowing free and easy has been a problem for me in the past, but I just can't tolerate the rebounder. I've tried and tried but have finally come to the decision that if it's so uncomfortable for me . . . well, it's just not for me. :o/

    Must stop before this turns into a book. So enjoy your posts, Rain. :o)

    1. Hi Mama Pea :)) I'm glad you're enjoying my ramblings! :) I'm a chatty cathy so I don't mind books, write whatever makes you feel good :)

      I LOVE my rebounder! That's really too bad it makes you feel uncomfortable! But I have the same attitude. I stopped doing yoga because oddly enough, last fall when I was done one of my routines, I got what's called an ocular migraine. It scared me silly. I lost vision for about an hour, all I could see were zapping shards of light. Talk about panic-inducing. I did see a doctor and was told it could be the twists and upside down moves that do it. I'm prone to regular migraines...anyway, long novel short, I don't do yoga because it's not good for me anymore!

      The rebounder is the only exercise machine, so to speak, that I'll use. I've had a treadmill in the past and even an elliptical, but they are never as smooth as the trillion-dollar ones at the gym so I gave up on them. The only thing that bugs me is the squeak-squeak-squeak lol...I'm sure you've heard it. A little WD-40 helps though, but I wear my IPod while I'm doing the workout, it helps me keep timing. I used to just walk in place and it's so much easier on the knees. And yes, I've heard it's great for the lymph system too. The dogs are fascinated every morning when they see me on it lol...

      Being outside helps me a lot, I can't go one day without being outside for a long time. Winters are more challenging, but I do bundle up and try to stay out on the porch for at least an hour when the weather makes me homebound.

      I still have the Rescue Remedy...but I was using it 3x a day for prevention. I read on the Bach website that it was fine to do that, because it's not habit inducing...but I think I'll keep it for big emergencies only. It would have come in handy on the icy hill a few weeks back. Alex thinks my PTSD is acting up from that incident, which is very possible.

      We do have a great spot here, but we'd just love to be more isolated, that day will come soon though :) No snowmobile exhaust in the winter, and no quad exhaust in the summer! :)

  4. So glad you found a place you could walk the dogs in peace! I am very lucky here as I am about the only one with dogs around here. I need to look up anxiety and panic attacks as I am not familiar with them although I know there are times I feel overwhelmed but I don't think that is the same. Have you tried deep breathing, meditation and my cure for anytime I am faced with anything that is bothering me (family drama for one! LOL) I just work my tail off doing something physical like washing walls or floors on my hands and knees! I have to work so I exhaust myself and then I am too tired to worry, be mad, anxious or anything. I know also that walking in nature is always calming for me. Deep breathing and sometimes just playing some mindless computer games to distract myself and change the dynamics.
    Your pizza looks so good! And I'm sure it was! Weekends are crafting/sewing weekends for me I decided otherwise I never get to it. I hope your weekend 'quiets down' a bit for you and your picture of Leo and Charlie is a hoot! My Miss Peeps (cat) copies Nitty (Rottweiler) all the time...I think she thinks she's a dog.
    Your pets are so darling! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sam :) I thought you'd like the doggie photos :)). A panic attack is the physical equivalent to stumbling upon a grizzly on your morning walk and it running after you. You fear for your life and all of the symptoms are the same, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, fear of death, it's horrible. And it happens out of nowhere. I could be watching a comedy, laughing and relaxing and boom...that grizzly is right in front of me. It's nothing I can control, only manage it. I'm very grateful I have Alex because he reminds me of the techniques I need to use to come out of it and calm my body and mind. You forget when you feel terror. I meditate daily now, it used to help me and I know it'll help again. I'm trying to put all this stuff into place's a time commitment, but I've accepted it's who I am and I'll always have it, so don't fight it, flow with it and try to manage it! That was a long sentence lol...

  5. Yeah, those cookbooks are kind of a self-serving gift, Alex! But who can really blame him?

  6. Wow u got a lit of snow still. We went out fir a walk across the fields and I was surprised how many bare spots there are already. I predict the snow will be gone by the end of the month ... wich will be VERY early ... but I love it.
    The spot u found to walk the dogs looks lovely. I hope u will be able to enjoy it without any disturbance.

    1. Hey Nik :) We got such a tease of spring last week that it was sad to see all that snow come down, but we made the best of it! Tomorrow is freezing rain rink on the way! That little spot in the woods is gorgeous as long as we only go during the week! I've only ever seen one person there and it's an elderly man who lives down the road. He has a permit to pick up dead wood to heat his place, but then he's really on there in the early mornings during the fall.

  7. Hi Rain! That little wooded walking spot looks perfect! We too usually drive to get to a good spot to walk the dogs. We can walk around the neighborhood here, but if we want peace and quiet (mostly) we head north to my favorite provincial park, Birds Hill Park. Its about half an hour from here so not close, but with almost 8000 acres at our disposal, that's my go to for peace, to forest bathe and let the dogs wander (responsibly of course). My husband is at the park almost every weekend. We have friends who have a ranch just north of the park and they are big into polo. My husband works with their team of Percherons and does sleigh rides in the winter and wagon rides in the summer. He loves it. Horses are such beautiful creatures.

    That cookbook looks intriguing!! Just yesterday my neighbor dropped off 2 bags of cookbooks for me. I collect vintage ones and there were a few in the mix. Can you say excited!! :) I can't wait to see some pictures of what you make from this one!

    We were cloudy today and I think we only reached about 3 degrees - so hopefully our weather will find you by next week. Although I prefer cloudy days, I wish the sun would come out and starting drying things up. They are promising double digits for us by late next week. And not negative double digits either - how exciting is that!! :)

    We are gearing up in about an hour for Earth Hour. We have our trusty crank radio and candles all ready! I am sure I will fall asleep - it will be dark and no noise save the radio. Yep, I can just picture it now.

    I hope your anxiety decides its had enough and moves on. Nothing worse and I can totally relate. Have you tried meditation? I have a good app that I found for my phone and tablet called Insight Timer. Its fantastic. Its got everything from mini moments to music to yoga. And the best part - its free! :) I have been using it for about a year now and my son also uses it as well. I really like it.

    Today we got our new washing machine. Our other one gave up the ghost so we had to spend money :( I don't like spending money but I don't relish washing clothes in the bathtub either! So my husband and I spent the first hour watching the laundry :) :) Its the simple things.....

    Enjoy the evening!

    1. Hi Dianna :)) The woods are so nice here, the Laurentian mountain chain is spectacular. I've lived closer to the NB border in the Appalachians and that mountain chain is so gorgeous too. I don't think I could live away from the mountains! You know, at one point in my dream-filled life, I was going to drive across Canada with a tent! That was before I met my boyfriend and we got 6 pets though of my stops was to be Birds Hill Park! Funny coincidence :) Just from pictures, it looks so beautiful, I'm glad you have a serene spot for your forest bathing :) I love that!

      Oh gosh, I'm jealous of your 2 bags of cookbooks!!! We get ours on Amazon used, never more than $10 each including shipping. I also found a few US online stores and I've been browsing there too. I know there would be so much more if I could only find some ENGLISH books around here darn it! Have fun with your cookbooks!!! I have an old Campbells Soup cookbook originally printed nearly 50 years ago, but mine is a "newer" edition from the 1980's with a "microwave cooking time" addition :) Kind of outdated, but very interesting!

      I LOVE that we aren't getting the negative double digits right now! Even yesterday when it snowed, it was hovering around zero. We are having freezing rain tomorrow though, not looking forward to that! I spent Earth hour with my candle lit, writing in my journal :) Yes, I have tried meditation in the past. My "go to" podcast is from Meditation Oasis, they have a website too. I just download their stuff to my Ipod then sit back. I just restarted today and I don't know why I ever stopped! I was so nervous before dinner, but the meditation stopped my trembling and I know I avoided a panic attack! I'm going to check out your app too.

      Lol...what Dianna, you don't want to use a washboard? know, our washing machine makes a funny sound. Alex fixed the drum belt, he got the washer used way before he met me so we have no idea how old it is. We found another used belt at a second hand store and we're hoping and hoping it stays alive until after we move from here! Our plan is to use these old appliances until they burn out then buy new ones that fit in our new home that are more energy efficient. The plus is we won't have to move them. The fridge seems to moan now and then...

      Have a great evening! :)

  8. those woods are amazing, I could sit out there and write and write...we have trees here on our 7 acres but not the kind of woods you can get lost in. Your critters all look so happy by the way.

    1. Hi Donna :)) I love the woods! I've spent many hours doing Nature Therapy as I call it. I sit quietly when I don't have the dogs with me and the quiet is like a big hug to the soul :)

  9. Th snow photos are beautiful. I love the last one with the dog and cat both looking out the window. Cute.


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